Photos of killers who signed up for singles site from prison cell and boasts they are Hustlers

KILLER Joseph Chin has shocked jailers by using a dating website from his prison cell.
And four other murderers have used social media to brag about their cushy life in jail.

The monsters, all serving life sentences, used smuggled mobile phones to pose for snaps in their cells.
Chin, 24, caged for killing Martin Dinnegan, 14, in 2008, set up a dating profile on PlentyOfFish boasting he was a professional “hustler”.
He used the name ChinChilla100 and said he was a “non-smoker with athletic body type”.
Martin’s mum Louise, 49, of Holloway, North London, said: “How is he supposed to repent if he is on dating sites? It’s hurtful he enjoys luxuries when prison is supposed to be a punishment.”

Leon Atwell and Freddie Amponsah, both 24, killed Shaquille Smith, 14, in 2008.
Atwell was on Facebook as “Litz Real” and wrote: “I’ll never CHANGE.”

 Ricky Oldroyd was caged in 2011 for killing Peter Brocklesby. His Facebook account at HMP Gartree, Leics, had a pic with lags in his cell.
And Jojo Mafwa, 21, who killed Andrew Jaipaul in 2011, posted his Feltham Young Offenders’ Institute address on Facebook.

 A Prison Service spokeswoman said the accounts had been closed and mobiles confiscated.
She said: “We will push for punishment which may include additional time.”

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