Rising Rapper shot himself on face and post on Facebook to become famous (graphic photos )

 An inspiring rapper shot himself in the face in a bid to launch his music career in a shocking video.

Kasper Knight posted the horrifying footage on Facebook ,hoping the clip would go viral .It has now garnered over one million views.
It shows the foolhardy filmmaker press a gun against his cheek and pull the trigger without hesitation, blowing a hole into the side of his face.
 Knight explained that he originally wanted to perform the stunt for a music video, but no cameraman would film it.
He says: "I dont give a f*** about nothing anymore."
 He wrote 
Plot twist: I shot myself in the face.
Synopsis: I actually wanted to put this in a music video/ but no cameraman wanted to film it. So I did it myself since I felt like taking a bullet to the face.
Anyway, this was really nothing. I've been shot a couple times before and this was like a 4 out of 10 on the pain scale after the initial impact.
I look slightly disorientated after the blast. That's because my ears were ringing/ in pain. It was hard to focus on sound and although I assumed that i swallowed the bullet/ I wasn't quite sure.
The last time that a bullet ricocheted through me/ it destroyed an organ and part of another.
Now, anyway, to all my friends and family who boo hoo about this shit, deal with it. I don't give a fuck whether you want me to live or not unless you are paying me MONEY. Your care for my life will never supersede my disregard for it. I knew it was possible that the bullet might bounce back and puncture my throat/ but it didn't matter.
And yeah, a bunch of people thought that someone else did this. Nah I would've fought back if that was the case.
And concerning the laughter/ I forgot about what we were laughing at. I think we saw something outside the window for a second that induced the humor, but I can't remember.
When my tongue was moving rapidly around my mouth, I was feeling for my teeth.
Anyway, I should've used a different gun. My friend discouraged me from using the .9mm because he said it was armor piercing.
Armor piercing: I wonder what that'd look like going through my arms/ do you?
Lastly Worldstar initially told me to email them this video, so as of now, before I am anything important, I'm answering all questions concerning my books, art gallery, and mediocre rap/ rock videos.

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