23 Best Crochet twist braid ideas for black women with beautiful photos

 Generally speaking, crochet braids have been in fashion way too long. It dated as far as the 1990's when it was done in an old fashioned way but this hairstyle debuted back into fashion 2015 and doesn't look like it will be swept under carpet soonest.
Its uniqueness lies in the capability of been styled into different ways. It has endless amounts of styling options and it's a great protective hairstyle. You literally won't have to fear about hair damages neither will you be stressed out while making it as your natural hair will be braided underneath in a straight pattern before the knotting technique will begin. For this particular twist braided style, the end result is what you would see in the pictures below. For the type of extension to use for this hairstyle, check the last picture to have an insight.

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