Her smoking red lips will make you abandn other colors for red lipstick

Its no longer news that Kylie Jenner launched her lip gloss cosmetics which specialises on varieties and different shades of lipsticks but the color that will always bang is red. Maybe because its very sharp but there's never an occasion red lipstick will be termed wrong on an outfit. My craziness for red lipsticks started far back when I was in high school...
Because it was completely out of my reach as mum always locks up her makeup kit, I resorted to use red shoe Polish on my lips. As young as I was then, I never cared about repercussions or side effects, I just want my lips red. I'm a grown adult now and you wouldn't catch another color of lipstick in my collection. Its either red or nothing and that's why I've decided to create a thread on my blog where I will always gather nicely painted red lips to inspire red freaks like myself on our red lips Journey. You stay glued and enjoy this ride.

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