HIS two children, aged two and five, often told him they felt hot at night and saw ghosts, but  the man named Sbonelo Masikane thought they were just being silly.

However, their claims suddenly made sense on Thursday when he made a gruesome discovery in his yard.
The 32-year-old man from Dube Village, north of Durban, discovered human bones while digging a hole to build a pit toilet!
Sbonelo said “My kids used to scream and sometimes I would get angry thinking they were just being naughty.
“But on Thursday I learned they were not lying to me.”
He said he had been living in his house for more than a year and nobody had told him anything about a human being buried in the yard.
“I’m still shocked because the previous owners didn’t say anything when they sold the house to me in March last year.”
Sbonelo said after he discovered the bones, he took his family to stay with relatives in nearby city
“I need to find a spiritual healer to help me chase away the spirits. I have also reported the matter to the cops.”
Sbonelo’s mum Winile Mchunu (51) said: “Neighbours who have lived in the area for years said they didn’t remember a burial ever taking place in my son’s yard.”
Sazi Mhlongo, chairman of the Traditional Healers’ Association of SA, said the spirit of a dead person not resting in peace would always find a way to show itself.
“This man must get muthi to chase the spirit away,” he said.
Police spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala said tests would be done to determine the cause and date of death, and who the person was. An inquest docket was opened.

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