Meet male Kim Kardashian wannabe's latest cosmetic surgery in bid to look like star

Large-lipped Kim Kardashian wannabe takes bid to look like star one step further
A male Kim Kardashian wannabe has gone under the knife for yet MORE cosmetic surgery in a bid to look even more like his idol.

Jordan Parke, 25, first started out inflating his lips before moving onto his cheeks.
The surgery addict was filmed getting the £300 cheek filler treatment to make his face chiselled - after spending a massive £150,000 on plastic surgery including liposuction, a chin implant and two nose jobs.
Jordan Parke
He made it into the headlines last year when the mystery chemicals he had been injecting into his lips started leaking, the Manchester Evening News reported .
But now he says he is going for the more ‘natural’ look.
He said: “Well I’m not going too natural but more natural than before. I love the high cheekbones like Kim Kardashian and this makes them look amazing. I have had the fillers before but never this much. They look so chiselled, I love it.”
As well as already having two nose jobs, he is planning a third at the end of the year.
Jordan added: “I love procedures like this, it accentuates everything else I’ve paid for on my face.”
He said he doesn’t feel the pain and is happy to go ahead with treatments without even getting his cheeks numbed.
Jordan added: “I’ve had it all done now and I’m really good with the pain. I can have anything done and it won’t bother m

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