My Ordeal with Richmond, the guy that never loved back (part 2)... 18+ please

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It was 7:30 a.m, I woke up to a ringing phone but before I could stretch out my hand to pick it from where it laid, it had already stopped ringing. I removed my eye masque and the early morning sunlight streaming in through the windows almost blinded me.
I rubbed my fingers on my face as I contemplated who could be calling.  To my utmost surprise, It was Richmond. I sat up abruptly from my bed.  My heart prayed fervently  for a call back. I sat in my bed thinking of what to say to him if eventually he called back. It was only in my imagination that the thought of him standing right outside my door existed. I didn't wait much longer before his call came in the second time...

I tried to sound as sweet and yet as calm as ever. I do not wish he find out how happy I was hearing from him after our meeting the previous day. "Don't tell me you're still sleeping " , he mused.  Of course I am , I replied. He said the call was just to check on me , he was  dressing up for work as he wants to beat the ever busy road in Lagos.  He dropped the call after we exchanged early morning pleasantries. I giggled and every ounce of sleep erased from my eyes.

Later in the afternoon, I received another call from him. He had called to check on my day. If i was doing fine.  When he dropped the call, i shifted the  window blinds , from the vantage i noticed the street was busy. People were engulfed with their usual daily activities. I sat down on the couch in my room to reminisce on the day i met him. I pictured his face again , i recalled the peculiar faint scar on his left cheek.  Before I could hold myself,  I started creating imagery phantasms.  Where we curled up in bed and were cuddling each other. He looked intently and deeply into my eyes and brought his hot lips on mine. His tongue was raving into my mouth, I buried myself in the vain thoughts and wallowed in them.  I didn't notice when my sister crept in.  She shouted and I jumped. 

What were you thinking she queried? I shot a warning look at her . What do you mean by that I replied tartly. 

Have been calling you for over 5minutes now and you seemed buried with whatever i cant decipher .You've been acting weird and unusual since yesterday. I 've watched closely and you giggle every 2 minutes that i'm beginning to wonder what's with such attitude. And what you did now confirmed my suspicions. Something is going on , that's why i'm here she added.

It then dawned on me that my sister has been following up my weird attitude. She's persistently curious. She wouldn't give up until you divulge every detail concerning whatever she seeks answers to. Have shared a couple of my clandestine affairs with her. She's my only sister and an elderly one for that,  so hiding certain issues from her was out of it. I told her about Richmond and how he makes me feel not withstanding we haven't known each other for quite long. Without wasting much time, I told her about our first meeting.

In utterly disbelief, she told me to erase Richmond from my mind. She thinks relationship an impossible and a difficult venture. She hasn't been someone to believe in love ever since she broke up with Ben. "You remember Ben right?", she began Ben's story.  I fell in love with him on our first date. He was sweet but things eventually didn't work out between us. We parted ways after I caught him with my friend.  My sister let out a blissful sigh .
She doesn't seem to care about relationships anymore. One can't blame her but sometimes, its good to believe in the impossible. All you have to do is believe, you don't need wealth, not riches just believe harder than anyone else and good things will come to us. I doubt she has heard such phrase before. 
"If you believe in the impossible, it might come true", I told her jerking myself back to the present.

My sister's friend Becky wasn't a true to her. Becks as I fondly called her has been to our house a couple of times. She is tall, fair in complexion and has a very attractive figure. Her body stature would frighten any girl into inferiority complex.  The way she walks will make you turn back for a second look . My mum has always gushed about her beauty and how she's the only one amongst my sister's friends with good behaviour. Her opinion reverted when she snatched my sister's boyfriend from her. How everything happened was beyond my sister's comprehension, but it did happen.

"Just be cautious ", my sister wagged a finger at me before stepping out from my room". I have never successfully argued a point with my sister before, so I allowed her go. After all, reality has absolutely nothing to do with imagination. For once after a long while, I saw myself stepping out in a red silk gown with a handsome guy beside me, and giggles all over my face. Another fantasy, I pinched myself. The tug of my imagination was an almost visceral, leading me along paths paved with moonlit fantasies. 

It was like someone whispered to Richmond that he was been discussed, he called immediately.

"Lisa, whats your schedule like, would love to grab dinner with you", he asked politely.

"Ummm! Let me check , give me 45 secs", I said casually.

Without hesitating, I leapt from my room to my sister 's. She was seated on a bench,  i quickly lashed out my supposed good news. "Richie asked me out on a date I told her still trying to catch my breath".

Richie? She asked with a grim dissatisfaction. You're already giving endearments? 

Oh! Sorry. Richmond. I ran back to my room to call him back leaving my sister who was astonished with my crazy mood.

He picked up the minute the call went through like he was waiting for it. 

"6.30pm will be fine by me, I said".

We agreed he'd drive down to my house to pick me up at the said time.  I picked a red silk gown I've already envisioned earlier in the morning  from my closet. It is strapless and has  a floral print design on it that makes it look exceptional on me. Dad got it during my last 22nd birthday. Been dad's favorite daughter, It was one among the many other gifts I benefited from him. I picked  my black heeled sandals and a clutch purse. I planned to make my look an astounding one. The gown fitted properly and the black  sandals made it exquisite. I pulled my hair back, tucked into ponytail and proceeded for my makeup. I decided a light one will be more appropriate and I finished up by applying a red lip gloss.  By 6:25 pm , I was ready . Taking a walk on the lawn would give me much time for self composure, i soliloquised. I really needed to calm myself down. A few persistent weeds sprung up making the grasses tattered but they'd withered to sepia wisp. Everything was muted out here - sight, sound and my rolling emotions. As I was still in the lawn, I heard him drive in and parked in front of my house. My stomach clenched in tight knots. Was still on verge of stepping forward to go and meet him when I heard my name.

"Lisa, there you are".

I jumped at the voice and briskly turned around. A stocky figure approached in easy , sure strides. It was getting dark but I was able to make out his face.  His eyes travelled right, lighting on me as I stood looking at him in admiration. 

"Your sister told me you're here". Are you nervous, he asked, his tone solicitous. 

"Of course not, I was just taking a little walk , I heard myself say. My voice sounded overly bright to my ears and entirely too brittle.  With careful perusal, my eyes went down  on his attire. His dressing was descent, he unintentionally dressed to kill. His muscular features more pronounced in his outfit. I was mesmerised.

"Shall we?", with outstretched hands and a smile inviting me to take them. There was something boyish about his good looks: a hint of shyness in his smile. He looked so handsome and young.

"Of course I said as I placed my hands on his and we headed to where his car was parked.  He acted the perfect gentleman as he got me seated before proceeding to the driver's seat in a spontaneous manner.

The wind whipped through the front yard with a mournful two-toned whistle. My hearted pounded a little bit heavily . "Not now" "not now", please don't fall to pieces I warned myself inwardly. The drive to Olive's Lounge lasted for 30 minutes. We didn't do as much as converse  throughout the journey but we were casting  sidelong glances to each other. It was harmonious I must say except for the disturbing glances. 

We got to the place around 7: 55 pm, the place thrive in tranquility as many customers weren't there. We copied a seat at the far end of the lounge and waited for the waitress to approach. I noticed his gaze was on me. I looked back and he smiled . His eyes -- a brown so lacking in color that it put my mind to a halt. Another few weeks of his melting smiles and i will fall under his spell. My smile peeked out to match his. His fingers brushed mine as I collected the menu from the waitress, I felt a cold sparking flame within me.  I almost yanked my fingers back but good sensibility took the better part of me. I've never been so aware of my flesh , every inch of it. From the tips of my breast to the heels of my feet.  By this time, he already sensed my nervousness. His eyes bore wickedly into mine, I  couldn't hide the attraction  anymore but thankfully, he didn't say anything about it which helped eased the tension a little bit.

I went for spaghetti sauce ,he ordered macaroni and cheese. He asked the waiter to bring a bottle of champagne. We ate in silence as I expected him to start a conversation. Unsurprisingly, he said good manners taught him not to talk while eating. I took that to mean he doesn't know what conversation to start. It seemed the entire night was conspiring to destroy my mood. What if he purposely said that to elicit reaction from me? What if he wanted me to start a conversation? I haven't told him much about myself as i'm still trying to figure out more about him. Enough of the "what if's I told myself. Look into the present.

The meal ended earlier than I anticipated. A thought came to my mind, why not break this overbearing silence and ask about his favorite color. I did exactly as my mind instructed. I found out his best color was blue. He loved pounded yam and bitter-leaf soup. I wasn't surprised by the revelation as most Igbo guys always preferred that soup to others. I told him how crazy i'm with red color and other tiny details about me. The boring night finally turned to moments of great chatter and laughter.

He placed his hand on my waist as we protruded to my house. It was the tiniest point of contact, just the warmth of his hand against me, which was muted by layers of my fabric , yet I still felt it all the way to my pulse that jumped down my throat.  This is so unfair I almost screamed. He was rich, handsome and able to set my heart beating with a mere tap of his finger. The light at my front yard was not too bright so nobody could see our faces. We paused at the stairs. My heart picked a race, a kiss was abound to happen. I have been expecting it all along.

"You're so beautiful", he said before bringing down his face to mine.  My whole body seemed on the verge of trembling. It has been months since someone came this close to me. My heart was thudding in my chest. It wasn't beating  faster, just more heavily, as if my blood required more work to move.

"Thanks" , I said as my voice trembled. 

He covered my lips with his mouth in a simple stride. Then his mouth became hard on mine, he put his arms around me and pulled me closer. My hands rested on his shoulders and proceeded to rub his head as his tongue delved in deeper. I could feel the rapid beat of his heart. 
His kiss became more rough, his tongue thrusting harder. I gladly opened my mouth as he continued slipping his tongue in, it was fierce, sparks of flame all over me, I nudged him to go deeper, he yielded. Going deeper, shoving his tongue anywhere he wanted, I moaned against his lips. The kiss was a hungry one as if he was thirsty for something. I've longed for this intimacy the moment I set my eyes on him. 

I slightly tugged on his chest, we needed to stop, what if there were prying eyes? What if my dad was watching us? So many questions were rushing through my mind. I was already weak with longing , I wanted his hands all over my body and at the same time I had to stop him. A part of me wanted him to continue while a better sense reprimanded me. 

"Richie",  I called him. He jerked off me as if shocked by the electrifying moment. I opened my eyes to see him look lustfully and lovingly into my eyes. I was panting, my face was hot. His stare was practically undressing me, transparently thinking things to do to me. I trembled looking right into his eyes. 

"Are you OK", he managed to utter, reaching out to straighten my already scattered hair. 

"I' m fine",  replied.

I was surprised the way everything turned out. I bid him goodnight and with my heart still beating heavily, I ran inside leaving him to the rustling wind and the chirping birds.

To be continued...

Story composed and written by Ngene Olivia.
Do not use without my permission please.


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