My Ordeal with Richmond, the guy that never loved back...Part 7. 18+ please

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My next visit to Richie's house ended with lots of sensations. I always knew I would visit him again but I wasn't sure when. As I sat in his sitting room reminiscing on my last visit with orange juice in my hand, he covered my eyes with his hands . I never expected such romantic gesture so I was startled at first. Then we laughed heartily over it.

He held my hand and led me into his bedroom. I have already  thought about what to expect and had basically made up my mind to allow him make love to me. I cursed under my breath that I must get rid of the feeling tugging at my chest ever since he told me he had fallen in love with me.

I believed him with every ounce of nerve in me. If I could fall for him on the  first day I met him , then its possible he had fallen for me too, I thought. The way he professed his love for me made me want to cry, he was so sweet that I needn't be proved to, of his ambience love. He confessed of the difficulties he was having concentrating on his office work because he couldn't get me off his mind.

If there was anything to make me yield to him, it was his flat honesty or so I labelled it. My instincts did actually scream it wasn't right but I considered it intrusive and at such pushed such thoughts very far from my mind.

I took three steps forward to where he was and said "Please make love to me, Richie. Touch me ".
"Are you sure about this? ", he queried.

I've never been so sure of what I want before my entire livelihood. I nodded coyly. He motioned for Me to come closer and sit on his lap. I obliged and for a moment there was silent. Nothing happened, it seemed like he was calculating what to do. Then he covered my lips with his mouth,  claiming them. He nibbled, kissed and bit on them as his tongue begged for entrance. I opened up and his tongue slide in. It was exploring, ravaging and hard. Then he separated, and left me utterly breathless.

His hands came to my breasts. He covered them  and began to fumble  them. He grabbed them and his mouth kissed them. He sucked hungrily on the left nip before reaching out for the other one. He was sucking as his hands pressed them the more.

Gosh! I wanted more of this. I nudged him on his shoulder to continue with the magic with my hands pulling him down, bringing him closer to me.

He paused for a moment , looked at me. I was panting, breathing heavily, hard. The emotions were overbearing, they surpassed me. My legs felt weak like I was going to fall in an ignominious heap. I held his back so as not to give in to my wobbly knees. He asked me to part my legs, I became shy...but I did anyways. I felt exposed but the thoughts dashed away from my mind as soon as his hand went inside of me, exploring and caressing me.

I was so happy for taking the bold step. I felt special been in his arms. He started the tease with his fingers, taunting me wickedly with them.  I was so wet and then he brought his mouth down to my clitoris. He started sucking my flesh, I was rivaling in too much ecstasy.  He kept on at it, licking hungrily the juice that continued to flow. For a moment, I swore I couldn't breath anymore...the sensation was too much. Then a new feeling overwhelmed me, I have never felt like this before. And then in a twinkle of an eye, I climaxed. My juice flowed freely and he licked them all.

"You're so sweet Lisa", he said. Honestly speaking, I can have you for breakfast, lunch and dinner and wouldn't get hungry. That brought delight to my face. There was this feeling of satisfaction that swept over me.

He came back to my lips again and we kissed passionately, our tongues entwining as we got lost in the taste of each other. When we pulled apart, I sat up and looked intently at him. I knew I was in love with him. He was so handsome and breathtaking. My finger caressed his abs then trailed down to his groin where they brushed over his hardness. He smiled as he waited to see what my intentions were. He expected exploration.

I bent my head and touched my tongue to the tip of his cock. He was tense, then sucked in his breath. I haven't done this before but I was willing to do it for him. I wanted to pleasure him the same way he did to me. I took him in both hands, he was average...I guessed. I caressed the tip of his cock as tiny fluid escaped from it.

I lowered my mouth to lick him, then I took him in my mouth in one stride. He gasped for air. I sucked him greedily, hungrily and pushed his dick all the way down to my throat.  I decided to tease him back, he noticed what I was doing. "You're teasing me, he managed to say through gritted teeth.

He tasted salty and nice. I took him in my mouth again and sucked with every energy I could muster. My mouth was stretched wide, accommodating his thickness. My hands pumped his shaft as I continued to suck. He gasped and I continued the mini journey I embarked  on. I slide up and down. He moaned, I moved one hand to cup his balls.

"I'm coming, I'm coming he moaned.

I didn't know whether to continue or stop, but I continued till he came. I lifted my face and he released his seed on the sheet. He pulled me closer to him, my head rested on his chest as he fought to relax himself.

"I'm ready to go again ", he whispered to me. He tugged me closer and lifted me atop of him. He reached for his wallet and pulled out a condom. He opened it , my hands trembled as i took it from him and rolled it over him to cover him. His hands grasped my hips. He took his prick and made way for my entrance.

I held myself, my breathing very heavy. Our eyes locked and some strange feelings anew surged in through me. I felt a shocking sensation as I sank onto him, he was erected and hard as a rock. I gasped and whimpered as he filled me. He groaned and my hands rested on his chest as I began to stroke my hips slowly against him. I adjusted myself to his size. I felt my orgasm build up as I took in almost his entire length. His hands played with my tits before moving playfully on my nips.

I lifted my hips , then slid back down on him burying him inside me. I got into a rhythm of rise and sink until his entire shaft was inside. Our hips ground against each other. Our lips crushed together as our breathing turned to panting.  I felt sweat dribbled down my back as fire surged throughout my body..

Richie began to move into me with gentle plunges. Each push sent waves of ecstasy through me as my breathing became difficult task for me. I felt his muscle tense before he flipped me over and came on top. He began to thrust forcefully into me as his hands raved my breasts. His thrusts increased as he drew himself out and pushed back again. I moaned with each thrust.

"Don't stop please, I begged him.

I gripped the bedspread tightly as he drove into me. I moaned vigorously as he was delving in like a mad man, I felt the world explode or was that thunder that sounded? My body convulsed as my orgasm sent me over the edge. His driving into me subsided as his orgasm surfaced.

Tears welled up in my eyes and before I could stop myself, they dropped down my cheeks. He shot to his feet and with a worried look asked if he hurt me .

"Nope, you didn't. I haven't experienced such before I said. I saw stars and lightening explode before my eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered "its okay baby, just know I love you".

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