My Ordeal with Richmond, the guy that never loved back. Part 3, 18+ please

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My dream that night was charged with sexual longing. In this dream, Richie appeared in the place where I first met him. There was no sight of the market women bidding wares, the only sound was that of the rustling wind. The place seemed darker , I was stark naked , I wore nothing at all and he was stripped to his waist. The dream version of Richie smiled up at me, inviting, luring me to him. 

I stepped closer and placed my hands on his chest. My breasts brushed his hand and he quietly placed his hands on my bare back and covered my lips. It wasn't a hungry kiss, it was mild, easy , sweet , comforting and yet longing. I reached out to his pants and in a wagged moment dropped them to the floor. Then it happened.

He swept me off my feet and laid me on the ground. His fingers rested on my breasts as he began to fondle them. By this time, I was completely wet and my whole body was on fire. I couldn't concentrate with what he was doing to my body. His fingers were moving faster, he left them and came down to my clitoris.

He began to suckle it. I felt the wet heat of his mouth and the pressure of his tongue. There was the fire of my burning lust and a sensation of want. I needn't  worry about morality or consequences of our actions. In dreams, there was nothing but the physical truth of desire and that had me in grip. In my dream, he was very good, very very good. No matter how I tried to think straight, how I tried to please him back I could only think of my desire. 

"Richie please", I begged in my dream. 

I said that thinking he would take me harder or plunge himself into me, he simply looked up and  sat back on his feet. "If you insist", he said with a coquettish smile. He leaned in and suddenly whispered into my ears, "I want to eat you up".

The shock was so great that it woke me up. I blinked. It was the middle of the night and silence reigned. Everywhere was dark. My nipples were rock hard , my body shuddering with tension demanding relief. And I couldn't dispel the image from my dream. That charming smile he gave as he lowered his head down to the innermost part of me. 

My left hand slid down to my wetted part.  I threw away the sheets I covered myself with and allowed the cold weather wash over me. It never did any good . I laid faceup in my bed and allowed the dream play back in my mind. Richie on his knees, smiling down to me as his lips closed down my clit.  That smile that held back nothing. I bit my lips against the pleasure that hit Me.

It took  moments before reason found me. This was the first time I dreamt of him. The first time I'd woken up in a fit of wanton lust . I couldn't masturbate myself out through it as it has never been my thing. 

I stared into the darkness of the night. It had just been a dream, of course. Things that happens in dreams had no bearings whatsoever on reality. If dreams usually ends up in reality, by now I would have probably been controlling the President's seat. Still, dreams often serve as a lever for my lust. 

But then, there weren't enough orgasms in the world to give me relief from the want nagging at my heart. Up until this point, I'd had the good sense not to indulge in such vain thoughts.  I stared into the darkness and wished for the best to happen. 

The down pour was very heavy in the morning. It was 8:30 am and my dad was still in his study. I sat down in my bed and memories of last night rushed back to me like everything was being displayed on a flat screen. I remembered every tiny detail about that dream. Then my mind spiralled to the previous evening.  The hungry kiss, his arms around my waist, his tongue raving deeply into mine, the hard thrust of his tongue. I recalled the way I momentarily opened up to him and how I finally put a stop to everything. Before I jerked back to reality, I was shamefully wet again. I had a hard time reaching out for my wipes to clean up the little mess I created with my thoughts.  Why I felt this way about him was totally beyond my power. I must be going out of my frigging mind I told myself. 

I should have been in my previous work place by this time but I wasn't  fortunate enough to have a job.  I fell out of good terms with my boss after I refused his sex advances. The  man who was old enough to be grand dad to my kids did everything in his power to have way with me. He gave me the impression on my first day to work but I ignored it.  As I entered his office to submit my files,  and although my dressing was descent, he peeked rudely at me. I'm not endowed with bust and can only revere in my small waist and big behind but the way he perched his eyes on my two oranges embarrassed me to the bone marrow. I pretended not to notice. Other workers were gobsmacked when he made no attempt to grant an interview. He merely asked his secretary to lead me to my desk.

I assumed the post of an account officer as I studied Accounting in the University. Although I planned running my ICAN program as I worked there, there existed very little time to pursue that dream because of too much workload. Trouble started the day I walked into his office to present the month end financial statement. He asked that I jam the door, I obsequiously did as instructed. That wasn't enough for him, I presumed he wanted 100% comfort to be able to unleash his evil mindset. He asked me to lock the door with key.

"But Sir" , I began...

"Just do as I say" , he sputtered with an evil grin as he cut me off from what I was saying. 

I knew something fishy was abound to happen but I decided to follow his lead. I turned the key and proceeded to sit down. I opened the file I had in my hands and started explaining everything in the statement I prepared. 

"Please, I don't want us to go into details with that, I have something important to discuss with you", he waved my mission to his office aside.

Before I could mutter jack, his pants were on the floor of his office. I simpered , to my amusement, I noticed he has a very tiny dick,  and he wasn't wearing underpants. In fact my eyes rested on nothing bigger than my tiniest finger. He started towards me in a quick, sure strides. At first, i was amused by the sight but when he started coming closer, the amusement turned to irritation. I was disgusted by his weary looking prick. I'm the kind of person that acts first and think later, so out of anger, I spat on his face, pushed him and briskly walked out of his office. He made no attempt to come after me, the feeble man was still on the floor where i pushed him to and watched in awe as i stepped out from his office.

With what happened the previous day at work, my spirit warned I stay back at home but I didn't heed to the warning. I would have saved the situation with a combination of good wit and sense . The situation was dire and called for quick reaction and that was why i handled in an unreasonable way. I cat walked down to the office the next morning. When I got to my chair, I saw a note asking that I clear my desk and look for  job elsewhere as I had been striped off, of my current job. The moron has done it I muttered to myself as I walked out of the place. I felt bad not because I refused him but because the current deplorable state of the economy will make it hard for me getting a good job with a better pay. I recalled how long it took for me to click that job, another thing ;the pay was enormous. I walked back home dejectedly to my dear room.

The rain outside had slowed down to a faint drizzle. I looked out of the window and saw my dad's car zooming off to work. My sister had  gone too, so I was the only one left in the house as mum went to the mall for items to fill up her already empty boutique. 

The question of what to do about Richmond naturally waited and nagged in my heart. Something about him caught my fancy, his quick wit, his intrepid style appealed to me. I checked the time again and decided to call him. He picked up the second time I called.

"Lisa", how are you doing this morning he echoed.

"I'm doing fine " , I replied as my mind imagined what he could probably be doing . He wasn't working in a law firm as he hasn't done  law school. He got a temporary job in a consulting firm as he awaits for his Visa to travel to the States to further his study before he could become a full barrister. The job was as a result of his strong competent skills in computer , it was just to keep him busy for the main time.

"I'm trying to fix something crucial here, will call you as soon as possible", he said.

I dropped the call and hit the bath house to wash up. I was still there when my mum came back to the house. She called and on noticing I was still bathing, she asked that  I join her in the boutique since I wouldn't be doing anything in the house. I answered in affirmative and she left me to rot in the bath house with thoughts about Richie.

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