My Ordeal with Richmond,the guy that never loved back Part 4... 18+ please

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The next day at mum's shop, the place was busy as usual. A few wealthy people that trooped in for purchases. Have always wondered how mum made much customers within the short time she had stayed there  but a quick perusal at her shop will tell you why. She runs one of the most expensive stores in the neighborhood. All the goods displayed cost fortunes.

There was Mr Ade who was highly known for his political ambitions. His purchases totaled about five hundred thousand naira. I watched in awe as the sales girl packed the little items for him. Next to him on queue was Mrs Samson, and then an older man dressed in well-patched tweed. Also a plump woman in a high necked black wool gown, complete with a round , black collar- the kind of uniform that shouted that she was in office. Half the customers had the look of working people. As I was watching the bustling activities going on in the shop, I didn't notice Ben was standing right in front of me.

Ben was a  guy that admired me immensely. He has done everything within his power to get my attention but I've always shushed him.  Ben was huge and broad muscled. He works with an oil and gas industry. I learnt he studied mechanical engineering and he was one of the few intelligent guys I've met. He was what every girl would refer to as drop-dead gorgeous. There were few times i admired him back but why i couldn't grant him the desire of dating me was incomprehensible even to me. Maybe because he doesn't make my belly flutter whenever he was close to me or had he ever made me want to catch my breath? 

There was a day he stopped my sister to get my contact and  that was the last time he ever spoke with my sister. He wouldn't dare step an inch closer to her again, not after the hostile and rude behavior she showered him with.  I, unlike my sister can pretend to like you even when I don't. It necessarily doesn't mean I'm giving green light and also pulling back, its called been refined enough to say NO in a polite manner.

Ben never gave up. He continued to be the ever charming and nice guy despite the odds. He still kept his hopes high that I will eventually find out the kind of guy he was and date him. That morning, as I turned to face him, he wore a charming smile. A smile that says " one day, you will  realize that I'm the right guy for you".

"Good morning Ben", my smile peeked to match his.

"How are you Lisa?",he asked with an intent gaze cast upon my face. His voice was clear but so quiet.

"I'm very good, thank you", I echoed.

"I happen to be passing by and thought it rude not to say hi", he told me.

He left when we were done with our little conversation. As soon as he left, my phone beeped and guess who called? Your guess is correct. It was Richmond. With so much enthusiasm, i picked up. , I greeted him with clenched teeth in order not to reveal how excited I was  hearing from him. We talked for so long on the phone. The conversation kept heading to several directions. As his coarse voice sounded at the other end, my mind went back to the dream I had last night. All I could see was his hands fumbling my small sized breasts, I thought of his cute lips on them, I recalled how his mouth covered my clitoris in that dream. My left middle finger carelessly dropped on my lips and the hot kiss that night out came washing down on me. 

"Are you still there?", his voice thundered from the other end of the line. 

I jumped. Geez! I was  carried away with the sensual thoughts that I didn't know when I drifted off from the conversation. Then i discovered that i did have very few choices when it comes to things concerning him. I wanted to forget all that happened in the dream, i tried to erase the lingering kiss from my mind but the sound of his husky voice made the memory return unbidden, waiting on the surface of my skin, reviving with every breath that passed through my lips. As I jerked back to reality, I noticed he was asking if I would love to visit his house. I didn't give affirmation to the idea at first but if my dream was to come true, then i'd better visit his place i told myself. So i consented to the visitation idea. He was to pick me from my house by 6:00 p.m. that same day.

I came outside as soon as i heard his horn boom. I was very casual with my outfit. A plain top that told much of my little bosom and jeans to go with it. As I approach the front stairs, I noticed he was already out from his car. He'd worn darker, rougher clothing for this outing - trousers of gray wool and a matching polo which hugged tightly on his chest exposing  charming physique. Around his neck was a shiny gold necklace hanging loosely on it. His garb made him look like some towheaded scoundrel, roguish and maybe a little wicked. The kind of man who'd tempt a girl to walk outside with him at night. It would be all too easy to become tipsy around him. 

"Good evening", I muttered as if I was talking to myself.

 You wouldn't blame me. I was taken aback by the way his muscles were flexing through his polo in a seductive manner.

He smiled wickedly, only if he had an idea what his smiles were doing to my insides. As we held hands and protruded to his car, I felt something drop on my left shoulder. As I looked to know what it could be, I discovered it was a poop from a bird.

"Ewwww" , I gasped. 

I intentionally wore this particular top because it was one of the few ones that shows off my small sized boobs. It actually made them appear bigger. Immediately, I dreaded the horrible thought of going back to change into another one. Before I realize what was happening, Richie rushed to a nearby pump, soaked his handkerchief in water and started working towards removing the poop from my top. His fingers trailed in circular motion, the mess wasn't too much. Matter of fact, it didn't take him 3 seconds to clear it off. The 3 seconds felt like forever, I shut my eyes as he worked his way on my shoulder. I sucked in my breath. That tiny bit of closeness was doing something I couldn't possibly describe to myself. 

He looked at the damp on his kerchief and tartly threw it in the trash can nearby. In a gentlemanly stride, he held out the door for me as I snuggle up on the car seat as if it was a normal sitting couch. He set his two hands on the steering and zoomed off. There was something about him that draws my eye. Something that defies words. Maybe it was the cautious manner with which he does things? Nope, that would be self deceit. It has to be something in his looks. Maybe it was his luscious looking lips, or was it the unique faint scar on his face? Or probably his charming yet daring eyes? 

"How can you be so beautiful?", he asked through prying eyes, still trying to focus on his driving.

"Huh?", that was the only thing that escaped my lips.

"You're so beautiful and I really wish to be so alone with you", he whispered.

Now how was I suppose to take such words from a man I was highly attracted to. I couldn't sunk that in as I vehemently wished we were already alone. I so craved to be alone with him in his apartment that no other thing mattered to me. I was so sure our feelings were trying to overmatch each other that I was left speechless. In what seemed like an eternity, we continued the drive to his house. By now, you already know the kind of crazy things going through my mind. Utterly crazy thoughts. And nope, I never wanted to restrain myself from such thoughts. My desire to wallow in them was strong. 

As we entered his apartment, there wasn't much time to have a look at the surroundings. The door was shut in a sound I could only describe as thunderous before Richie leapt on me. He tugged behind me to bring me much closer to him. The proximity was overkilling, I looked up to him, he returned the gaze before his lips covered mine. He made a soft exhalation. His lips were warm on mine , but then it became ravaging, like he wanted to bite off my lips or something. This was demanding, overwhelming kind of  loving. And my body craved more.

 I wrapped my arms around his neck, my hands diving into his the surprisingly hardness of his head. My fingers were actually pushing his head towards mine,afraid he might change his mind and stop. I cared less at the very moment. I needed this as much as I need water to quench a thirst. His lips were not just pressed to my mouth but it was moving, coaxing, delving everywhere it could. His hands came to down to my bum. He held them tightly before he began to work magic on them. He fumbled as if he was trying to squeeze out juice from an orange. 

I was still mesmerized with what's happening, I wasn't even thinking at all, who has vain thoughts  helped in desperate times like this? His hands started trailing down...sliding down underneath my pant, pushing the material away so his fingers could smooth against my skin. Good Moses, i loved the way he touched me. He seem to know exactly where all my sensitive places were on my skin. Or maybe he just realized they were sensitive because i made some sort of sound whenever his fingers moved over that spot.  I needed that touch badly. The desire was tremendous , my wetness already dampened my pant, I could also feel his erection. He was hard like a rock, and he was big or so I thought as I didn't feel him with my hands....i was about begging him to continue with the magic  when my phone brought us to an abrupt halt. 

Shit! It was my sister, she was called to inform me they were about locking the gate. Without hesitation, I yanked my top from his couch, pulled it on, dressed up properly and dashed to the door. In our little moment of pleasure, we didn't realize time had flown way too fast. He ran after me, dropped me off at my place and we didn't say anything to each other throughout the drive back to my house. There was no conversation or talk to linger on as the sensual tension still hung innocently on air.

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