My Ordeal with Richmond, the guy that never loved back (part 1)

I met Richmond on a Saturday morning as I was making some purchases from the market.
Where I was battering on price with the orange seller. "Madam, your wares are very expensive I muttered, there are other sellers who wouldn't mind selling at a cheaper price. The woman gave deaf ears to my pleas. She pretended she heard nothing from what I said. I was about to raise my voice to a notch to threaten I would leave her shop if she won't agree with me when someone tapped me on the back.

I turned to gaze into his beautiful eyes. He was a hunk. I was astonished, I opened my mouth without minding the ever buzzing flies flocking around looking for where to perch. It took another 30 seconds before I caught myself and uttered "Holy shit". I took one halting step backward, then another. 

He smiled,  his warm gaze still fixated on me. I can't recall the last time my insides melted because of a bloke. All my thoughts were already on the taste of his lips if mine rests on them. Dark complexioned . His hair was finely cut and there was spotting waves on them. His lips were thin and his nose sharp and a bit on the long side. He was dressed in a T-shirt and pair of jean trousers with matching sneakers. I imagined,  spectacles would have made him more intoxicating or probably severe. I dismissed the random thoughts to focus my eyes back on him. Maybe it wasn't his looks that dazzled me. It was something else, something I couldn't quite make out.  In my speechless state, I couldn't fathom how I paid the woman without finally negotiating with her.

We retreated far enough from the crowd as there were too many noises emanating from the market women begging buyers to patronise them. We kept moving till the noise of the ensemble had faded to a distant rumble. 
I followed him like a sheep without shepherd.  Where are we heading to I finally mused? He smiled again, his eyes wide and luminous, I watched him closely in frozen silence.  Did I mention that  my heart stimulated an overwhelming emotions that nearly knocked me off my feet?. For the second time,my knees almost gave way. I felt very weak within me. But I momentarily splurged back to my feet.  If it wasn't for a bigger force, I would have landed in an ignominious heap just some feet away from him.

I have watched you for a very long time, I've always admired the way you catwalk. So I had to follow you down to this place just to have a talk with you.  Wow! I wasn't sure what i expected to hear or how i wanted his voice to sound. It was deep, husky and overly sensual. I had imagined him talking in a high squeak. I was overjoyed at the prospect of his answering in such a careful manner, like he was afraid of saying something that might hurt. It felt so good. I love the sound of that, the little devil in my head muttered.  At first, I was elated with joy but it soon turned to bewilderment. What possibly could he be looking for?  

To me, this is utterly ridiculous but then again, there was nothing much to say. I turned to him the second time and queried," please what are you called"? 

Richmond he answered. You have a nice and interesting name I said . We shifted to a small coffee centre beside the famous market. There was a blue-gray velvet curtains in the place which completely shielded us from onlookers. I kept my curious gaze on his face. For the first time, I saw a faint scar on his left cheek, a tangled white spider web of crisscrossed lines.  He ordered for a diet coke while i coyly requested for the same. I returned my curious gaze on him without hesitating. I'm not a good conversationalist so i expected him to create room for a discourse. Before i knew what was happening, we delved into an interesting discussion. We started with what he studied in school.

He studied law in the University and intends going for Law school for furtherance. I have always admired that profession , so liking him wasn't really hard for me.  He told me about his family. According to him, all his siblings are in the US. His two younger brothers are still in college while his two younger sisters are happily married with kids. 

As he went about his family details, I watched to see if I can detect an atom of sarcasm or lies from him. My pop taught me to always look strictly into the eyes of any stranger I meet, that's the only way to detect lies, as I flashed back to that, I smiled and became attentive again.  He talked for a long time that it took me some hours mastering much about him. When he was about ending his talk, I feared he might want me to divulge details about me. I was relieved when I noticed no attempt from him. He watched carefully as I set away the glass cups back into place.

I 'v always known myself as  highly sapiosexual. That's the trait I look out for in any guy I meet.  My first personality trait made me like him the more because he exudes an overwhelming intelligence . During our discourse, I was able to pick so many new words which I wrote down in my memory pad. 

When it was time to part ways, a sadness I couldn't understand engulfed me. I tried to shush it but it was beyond me. I berated myself on how I could possibly fall for a guy on our first meeting but it was like self-deceit. I couldn't curb the feeling. We exchanged numbers, and for the first time in my livelihood, I gave out to a total stranger a personal number I hardly give out. He smiled again as we bid farewell to each other. I walked briskly back to my house with the sadness wrapped within me for having spent so little time with the stranger I met.

To be continued...

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