Toddler is hospitalised with the 'worst chickenpox ever seen", viwers discretion please

Red, itchy sores erupted all over hid body and became infected, causing the toddler's temperature to soar
A mother told her son 'didn't need to see a doctor' is livid after he was hospitalised with the 'worst case of chickenpox ever seen' just days later. 

Jasper Allen spent five days in hospital with his entire body covered in red, raw, itching sores - which became severely infected.
It was so bad his mother Sarah, 36, said doctors considered contacting medical journals as they had never seen such an extreme case.
He was put on an IV drip and given antiviral medication, antibiotics and morphine to help his ravaged body fight the virus.

Jasper is pictured in hospital, covered in soresJasper Allen, two, was hospitalised for five days with 'the worst case of chickenpox doctors had ever seen'

Mrs Allen claims two days before he required emergency treatment, she was refused an appointment at her local GP surgery because a receptionist did not think the condition was severe enough to warrant a visit.
The mother-of-two is now calling on the Government to make a vaccination against the disease - currently only available to certain children on medical grounds - free for all on the NHS.
Mrs Allen, a nursery manager from St Neots, Cambridegshire, said: 'Everyone's reactions in the hospital were just complete shock over how severe it was - the doctors all wanted to come and see this worst ever case of chickenpox.
'There was even talk about using the pictures for a medical journal. 
'One of the paediatric nurses with 40 years' experience said she had never seen anything like it.


She claims the receptionist told her seeing a doctor wouldn't be necessary
Jasper lives with his mother, Sarah, postman father Keith, 36 and his five-year-old sister Poppy (pictured)

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