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A 33 year old man named Tshwane was known for starting the naked dance at funerals of taxi drivers.

Unfortunately he died after a long illness. At his funeral, there was loud music, spinning cars, booze and dancing as his coffin was lowered into his grave at the Cemetery.
Many of the youngsters at the funeral blew air into condoms and wore them on their heads. They also threw condoms into his grave.
The deceased was the first taxi driver to start stripping at funerals in 2010.
His best friend said the act made the deceased  famous.
“Girls started loving him for what he had started and continued doing for years.”
He said many attended the funeral because they wanted to see what would happen.
“Fortunately, there was no stripping. Most people wanted to strip because they thought it was what he would have wanted but they ended up not doing it,” 
Although people didn’t take off their clothes, they weren’t on their best behaviour. Many drank beer openly while dancing to loud music. The deceased  friends said although they would miss him, it was necessary to celebrate his funeral in style.

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