20 Stylish Acrylic nail designs every Lady should try out (photos)

Hello ladies, investing time in stylishly cute, quirky and incredible acrylic nail designs to add finishing touches to your overall look is something worth considering. Imagine turning up to a function or an occassion this weekend with crappy nails? This is one thing you don't want. Some women don't necessarily fancy nail fixing while some others can't stay without it.

*Nude color with black design

There is no rule that stipulated using just a monochromatic color on your nails. The sides can be designed with a combination of another shade to bring out a more gorgeous pattern.

*Natural Pink Color with glitters

This acrylic nail art is one of the latest and most innovative trends. Using the classic black and pink combination along with added glitter to create this cute acrylic nail design is a sure way to incorporate love and a glamour quotient together.

*Pepper Red Color

I'm the kind of person that will opt for this particular nail design because of my passion for anything red. Fixing a long penciled nail and polishing off with what we call "pepper red" isn't such a bad idea.

*Natural black shade with glitters

This is one of the trending nail art designs in 2016. While the most common form of acrylic nail design is to use one type of glitter on a baser color, this one design is sure to blow everyone’s mind. The reason for that is that the glitter being multicolored stands out against the black background.

*Deep Pink with black design

Pink and black have long been one of the most favoured nail paint combinations and with good reason. The black complements the lighter pink in perfect proportion

*Nude and Deep blue

Nude and Blue are a great combination when it comes to nail art. The reason for this is that it speaks of a classy statement as well as simple charm. A great idea for those looking to make a statement at a corporate event or occasions. 

The blue shade and the other gorgeous nail art designs displayed are almost same but painted differently. Each can be done for any occasion. They are collected to provide insights as to the 2016 nail art trends.

Do not exit the page without patiently scrolling down to see the last nail. This long penciled red polished nail doesn't select what fingers to be on.

And so is the bright blue color seen below. I literally tried a deep blue color on my toes and guess what? It was worth it. I ganered another terrific look altogether that left my toes perfect.

This purple color isn't particularly bad looking.  The nail Polish is painted on is an asymmetric manner that makes it look unique and casual.

This black shade have been spotted on so many sexy fingers lately. I for once went for it had to clean it off because my complexion was almost same with it.  If you must go for this color, please make sure your complexion is lighter so you won't end up getting rid of it like I did.

The ash color isn't something else. It's rife and pervasive. It's something you shold try out one day. Don't stick to one color, try out different ones.

You expected to see another shade right? This is awesome and would fit just as the others

Rhinestones is a tricky option when it comes to nail art. However, when paired with a baser color it shines through in a subtle manner. Moreover, the rhinestones dominated the nail surface but still looked both classy and elegant.

Since the color of choice is baby pink here, this is a key element that needs to be kept in mind to prevent overcrowding the nail space. The pink looked stylishly elegant. 

Another red color but notice this wasn't on a long penciled nail? This looks a little bit different from the former one.

The Zapora Polish did more justice and made it more pronounced and gorgeous. Try out another color. What do you think about this shade?

Notice the silver lining on the nail? It's unique but looked a bit heavy but trust me, it isn't.  The design is pure work of art and is fantastically done.

Who wants Dior nail Polish?  This nail design is the perfect combination of beauty and elegance. Not only does it look beautiful  but the overall effect is one of simple stated elegance.