My Ordeal with Richmond, the guy that never loved back (final episode)

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It has been three weeks clocking to a month since I started my affair with Richie. The count was from when we started mating. Everything was moving swiftly fine. We were so crazy about each other or so I thought. The first sex experience with him made me fall head over heels in love with him. I had never had such terrific sex in my life till I met him.

Of course our sex life boomed off after the first one. Things became a little more crazier. We barely keep our hands off each other. Sex for us happened almost anywhere. We had a quickie in his car and twice in his office. All his colleagues at the office know me. The first day i cooked for him?  Sex in the kitchen was the dumbest thing to any ear but we cared less. He bumped in on me as i was preparing dinner and we ended up stark naked in his kitchen. Need I tell you what transpired?  My fears that evening rested on pepper making entrance into my vulva. It wasn't going to be funny but nothing of such happened.

Bathroom sex was the best.  There was a day I strictly pricked myself not to do it. My mind was already made up it wont happen. But things went out of control and it eventually did. I went to visit Richie as usual. I had the spare key to his apartment.  As I made entry into his living room, for the umpteenth time, I revered in the manner by which his stuffs were nearly placed and arranged. I learnt he had neatness disorder, dingy environs freaks him out and that was one of the things i admired in him.  I took my time to study his parlour. There were about four hefty couches in his living room arranged in a circular pattern.

The flat screen on his wall screamed "I cost fortune". My eyes rested on the portrait on his wall. He wore a charming smile in the picture. I was glued to the tingles in his eyes. He looked so happy that I couldn't help wondering what could have made him wore such happy look in the picture. I clung to the thought that he was always laughing even when its irrelevant.

As I stood fixated on it,  he sneaked in on me. This was one of his favorite attitudes  so I wasn't flummoxed.

I turned around to meet his handsome face. With smiles and affection on my face, I traced my fingers on the faint scar that was on his cheek. Before I could mutter jack, we were passionately kissing each other. The kisses were strong and overwhelming. My knees almost gave way before I mustered enough courage to push him away. We can't continue going on like hungry teenagers starved of sex I told him cheekily.

"I know but I just can't seem to get enough of you every time I set my eyes on you", he said  placing his second finger on my lips as though to shush me. We laughed heartily over it. The day went by as fast as it began. Our love life continued to get stronger.

On 4th August 2013, a day I will never forget in my entire livelihood. I was utterly gobsmacked and weakened by what I encountered in Richie's place. I went for a job interview in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. My plan was never to spend up to 3days but fate took the better part of it and I ended up spending a week at my Aunt's. The period  covered both the interview I went for and the jostling that comes with having a back up plan in job hunting. I literally went in person to apply for other few vacancies that came to my notice. Before I realized, I did one week plus some days in Port Harcourt.

During those days , I noticed that my communication with Richmond slacked. He barely call in a day not to talk of repeating calls twice. At first, I was agitated. I poured out my heart to him the moment I got the chance to call him. He mumbled something about been busy and preoccupied with a deadline at his work place. I saw reasons with his excuse since I hadn't been  free myself. I allowed everything slide so peace would reign. I hated being the nagging girlfriend. I know how badly it sucks.

Then it happened. On the aforementioned date that I entered Lagos, I decided to surprise him. There was no need to worry about my people because I already spilled my secret to my sister and she was to cover up for me. I wanted to pass the night with my supposed boyfriend. He wasn't expecting it as I purposely left it out of our conversation. I needed to surprise him.

I was overly excited by the prospect of having to pass the night with my boyfriend. Euphoric state!  My mind was reeling places. Unformidable sex scenes played on in my head. Sex was bound to happen and I know it will be terrific. My plan incorporated  putting together some good dishes for him so as to let him know he has been missing a lot with my absence.. Little did I know I would jam the unpredictable.

I slide in my key in the door and entered. Shut the door behind me and never bothered to bolt it in case he comes back. Then I perceived it. It was strong and hard. The aroma was sizzling, and kept penetrating into my nostrils. I tried to block it off with my left hand but that smell overpowered me. Skeptical as to who would be cooking such sumptuous meal, I tiptoed inside.

The only thought that came to my mind was that Richie was at home and my surprise dish for him has been ruined. I haven't seen him cook, he eats out and the other few times, I do the cooking for him. My instincts told me there was danger ahead but I totally ignored it.  "It will still be a surprise for him to see me as he wasn't aware I would be stopping by. I smiled at the consolation i gave myself with the vain thought.

As I trod towards the kitchen, I heard a female voice humming. Couldn't make out what she was singing. That prompted a reaction from me. I hastened my steps and entered the kitchen.

A pretty lady was in his kitchen cooking "God knows what".

She was beautiful. At least, that was something I couldn't deny. She was wearing the first polo Richie wore the first time we met in the market under a bum short.  I took time to run my eyes over her, she hadn't noticed someone was with her in the kitchen. I wasn't sure whether to be disgusted by the sight or to push it away.

I had to go closer and touch her from behind. She unintentionally jumped surprisingly towards her me. I stepped back to avoid her crashing on me.

"Hey, I'm Lisa and you are?" I said smiling. She looked so innocent that I pitied her. I was surprised when she said Richie was her boyfriend but didn't show it. I hate being the victim of circumstances. I stood akimbo as she reeled off and told me they have been seeing each other for a month. My interest wasn't even on how many months they've been together. What mattered to me was the UNFAITHFULNESS.

The sound of that skyrocketed like thunder in my head. I took an inner strength to hold me from acting silly in her presence. I had to pretend i wasn't hurt. I sincerely didn't know how to take it in. I walked right inside the sitting room and sat on the sofa. I had no idea she followed me. She wanted to find out who I was and probably why I came with bags.

I told myself not to cry. I couldn't do that in front of her. I held myself and without thinking twice, I told her I was Richie's female cousin and that I came around to see a friend and thought of stopping at his place to see him.

She leapt in joy.  She was elated to have finally met one of Richie's family member. Out of ecstasy, she quickly divulged all her tales with Richie. The chit chat lasted for some minutes with her constant rushing to and from the kitchen to check the delicious meal she was making.

I was going to be strong and pass through this I told myself. All the advise my sister gave me concerning him came rushing down. If only I had listened to her. If only I hadn't been rude to other guys because of him. I wasn't going to keep the self-blame coming as it won't solve any of the issues.

The pretty lady dished out food and was coming to serve her boyfriend's sister. Apparently, she bought the fake-ass line I gave her about being Richie's cousin.  I promised myself not to ruin the show by bursting. Playing along with her will interestingly nice. Will have to worry about heartbreak the minute I get to my house.

Honestly, her meal was delicious. It was amala and popular egusi (melon) soup. I realized I was famished the moment she placed the food in front of me. She was overly nice and cautious in the manner with which she served me. There was no need to waste time so I quickly muttered what I considered prayer before meal and started eating.

"You're a born chef", was what I managed to pass her way as I continued with the delicious food. My sister would definitely applaud this part I was certain. I said that deliberately to compliment her.

"Thank you". She said tartly with a coy smile.

I relaxed on the sofa and patiently waited for our boyfriend to come back before leaving.

She carried away the tray which contained the plates with which I ate in. Out of courtesy, she wanted to take my bag to the extra room I remembered having a resonating sex with our boyfriend but I stopped her.

It was true she respected and treated me like a queen but a part of me still craved to tear her apart. The urge was strong but because I was a lady that prided herself in certain things, I decided fault wasn't from the poor lady.

 It was only a week and Richie couldn't keep his prick in check. If he could be like this , then what will happen when he's out of the country? He will fuck every damn thing that has a hole.

He came back around 6:30pm as usual. As soon as he entered the room and saw me, his facial expression changed. Confusion. Tension. Remorse. And finally "I will explain everything look" surfaced on his face.

I walked briskly over to where he stood. I looked at him. Fixed my gaze on him and for what seemed like eternity, my stance was hard. Then I  muttered "she's good, don't hurt her", and then took my bag and left.

That was when it dawned on me that I was the only one loving. All the promises he made was just to win my heart and trust. That was how my story with Richmond ended. His subsequent calls weren't taken. His messages weren't replied. I felt bad and was hurt for having put in much effort into the whole relationship only to find out that RICHMOND NEVER LOVED BACK. HE PLAYED ME.

The story was based on an experience with the first guy I dated, though I spiced it up. In that case, its regarded as Faction.

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