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15 Latest Big Box Braids to try out with beautiful photos

Big box braids are cool and trendy hairstyle for ladies with frizzy hair. They are the luckiest where box braids are concerned. The styling can come in varieties of ways. It can be styled in a top notch manner forming gorgeous bun. It can be poured to flow freely on shoulders.

Apart from styling techniques that comes with box braids, it has the possibility of using different cool colored extensions for the braiding. Colors that ranges from deep red to blue, golden and just about any other that will make heads turn as you go about your duty.

Box braids have managed to win the hearts of African + some American women because of its fabulous nature and styles. And they are really easy to maintain. Go through the pictures and pick one for your next hair appointment.

 Photo credit : Instagram

Most of the braids were done by Nara.
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