Rita Dominic 2016 Glam Styles (25 photos)

Because you can't possibly skip the name "Rita Dominic" when the discussion about Nollywood fashion icon comes up. Whether she's your favorite actress or one you hate with passion, its an undeniable fact that she's among the best dressed women in Nigeria fashion world.

Rita has led the way in Nollywood movies and national fashion markets, thanks to her enormous fashion sense, her wickedly curvaceous figure and stunning beauty establishing her as one of the most iconic fashionistas in Africa.

Known for her always dressing part, she has some of the most memorable and outstanding outfits which ranges from classic to sophistication which left her die hard fans buzzling and searching her up for more.

Revisiting some of her biggest fashion moments, we found everything from stunning gowns and jumpsuits to fabuluos skirts and denim.

Check out for the 20 gorgeous Rita Dominic outfits so far. Which one looks best to you? Let's find out.

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