20 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Black Girls (photos)

 Most Nigerian parents always stick to "Didi" as formally called in Yoruba when it comes to making their daughter's hair. Reason been on the fact that it tends to grow out hair and make the scalp fuller. But most times, such hairstyle do look odd and banal.

In this festive period, to make your girl's hairstyle more interesting and terrific, you will have to experiment the volume. You will have to seriously spice it up with probably some colorful beads just like the ones in the collated pictures. Our 20 best collection of girl's braided hairstyle will be your inspiration. There's both exquisite cornrows and Ghana braided styles that won't only flatter your girl's look but also their mums. Go through the photos and select one that catches your fancy.

Hair Stylists:




Sugar Yawd


Photo credit : Instagram

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