The Dream - Short Story by Olivia

Please don't stop, I whispered as my eyes pierced into his with sheer ecstacy. My body arched up as I clutched steadily to the sheets. Without second thoughts, he obliged and tucked the strand of hair protruding to my forehead behind it's pony. It was all I needed to know he wouldn't abandon me to the cold hands of the night.

He came on upon me, his eyes peeked to meet mine. The fragrance emanating from the sprayed Cologne on his body hung on air. I allowed myself to gulp in, savouring every scent. He shifted his bulky weight so i wouldn't be crushed under him. His size mattered not to me as the desire to have him inside me tugged at my heart.

In what seemed like an eternity, he merely sat in bed and looked deep into me like he was searching for solutions to his problems. For a second, I dreaded he won't be nice enough to initiate that kiss. A longing that was too much for me. Then it happened. In a daze, his mouth covered mine. At first it was an innocent kiss. I liked the taste of his lips on mine. He tasted of dry gin and the other I certainly can't recall. His kiss deepened. He nibbled at my ears, then his tongue trailed down my neckline. It was a sizzling sensation. One I wasn't eager to relinquish. I wanted the moment to last for eternity.

My fingers pushed into his backbone. I encouraged him to go on. I nudged him. I was wallowing in pure ecstasy. Actions influenced his arousal which I already noticed from the way his joystick stood longingly and hard begging for a hole to fill it.

Then I woke up. I was wet. I sat abruptly in my bed and tried to recall what his faced looked like. It was becoming an impossible venture as his face fades anytime I'm close to grasping it. It wasn't the first time I've had such dreams.

 Mother had berated me for having to dream about men in such manner. It was only the devil that can make one have such dream. The first time I opened up to her, she had thrown a fist. Then she asked that I get ready to meet an exorcist...a Pastor in that manner who would pray over me so that the spirit husband would go away as she termed it.

I never really understood what she meant. Exorcists are persons driving away demons from possessed people. It was totally puzzling. I tried to put two and two together to comprehend how my sensual charged dreams were caused by the demons. It never really made sense. It never will.

The pastor mother took me to, charged a meagre amount so he'd pray for me. Mother gladly paid, torn with the desire of not wanting her only daughter to have spirit husband. He made me drank a bottle of olive oil which he claimed was supernatural and drives away any kind of demon. This he said will make the spirit husband run faster than Usain Bolt the next time he sees me in the dream.

The ritual performed by the pastor didn't make my supposed spirit husband to stop coming. And mother didn't give up on seeking for the best pastor to drive him away. My single status was caused solely by him. I can never be with any man in reality till I rid of him they had mused.

Blood dripped from my wrist. I tried to hold myself from sobbing loudly. An attempt which only seemed futile. I was an adult but one who was always indecisive whenever mother had to shove her decisions on me. I respected her a whole lot and wouldn't do anything that will make her feel bad. It doesn't matter whether my happiness will be eroded. She had suffered ever since dad demised. The sharp pains on my wrist jolted me back to reality. Mother had taken me to a native doctor to chase away the spirit husband. In a bid to do that, he took blade and gave me a mark. It was four straight lines caressly drawn on my wrist. He said the spirit husband will never have a look at it and at that, wouldn't think of approaching me again.

That too didn't make him stop. I lied to mother that it has stopped. My mind already made up to leave her out of my personal life. She has meddled enough. Her gullible mind made it easier for the dishonest pastors to go on extorting money from her. Promising to pursue the spirit husband trying to destroy her daughter's marital story.

But there was something mother wasn't aware of. I kept her in the dark about it. My sexual charged dreams were as a result of the pornographic videos I normally see. My lover only comes on nights i'd drown myself with such vids...or nights i would use " Big Andrew" without allowing myself reach orgasm. I shouldn't have allowed her waste money, to dash away her little funds to those hungry-stricken pastors looking for purses/wallets to milk dry. If only she knew

Story is fictional.
All rights reserved : Olivia Ngene

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