My Facebook Crush (episode 2)

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I stared lovingly into his face. The smile he wore on his face was overwhelmingly charming. My face lit up with the notion that he'd smile that way at me one day. Verily.

His eyes sparkled like fireworks. He had a soothing dimple on his cheeks. They exudes a kind of confidence that were hard to come by. His lips were finely thin and pinkish. They opened slightly like they waited for a princess to shower them with kisses. Oh gosh, I should be that princess to smother them.

He was on a grey shirt and jeans. The shirt proudly showed off his muscled chest. I trailed my fingers on them. I momentarily ran into a fit of wanting to lay on his chest. How will it feel to do that? Can his broad shouldered back accommodate my soft succulent body?

I saw us playing with pillows. He pushed me right way to the ground before crashing down on me. We ended up in a crescendo. His weight wasn't too heavy so I literally didn't feel like I was being smashed. I fought to free myself from under him and he fought back too. Obviously enjoying every inch of my body under him.

I burst into laughter when it became clear to me that I couldn't escape his grip. He joined in the laugh. Wow! That was a good one. I was still laughing so hard when he started tickling my insides. I love this, I really do crave to be this close every minute of my life to him.

Before I could catch myself, my thoughts had delved into nothingness.  Vain phantoms that hardly help resolve any issue. It wasn't allowed and definitely not an encouraging character.  Holy shit! I must have been out of my frigging mind to wallow in such idiosyncrasies.  Imagery! That's what they were.  it wasn't real. I was only looking at his Facebook profile picture and didn't know when I drifted from reality to my fairy-tale world. World filled with plethora of wantom lust.

I quickly looked at his other pictures. I kept opening and viewing as much as my eyes allowed me to. They all looked nice. Breathtaking is the word.  I saved plenty of them on to my phone gallery. I was about checking for his latest post when my battery went flat.

Worst off, there was Power outage, and since I couldn't magically restore power supply with a snap of my finger, I decided to let sleeping dog lie.  In an excruciatingly boring room, I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for power to be restored.

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