My Facebook Crush (Episode 4)

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The post about keeping to personal hygiene generated 3000 comments. I was in awe of how people were carried away with the said post. There was a particular comment that caught my attention.  It was from a lady named Izie.

Of course you're always right my love. Anybody who disagrees with this post is irrational and unreasonable. And I totally relate with this. I once entered a taxi with a man who smelled awful. He was sandwiched  between i and a fair complexioned lady.  If his clothes were the only thing with the stench, it would have been better.  But he has a booger carelessly dangling between his nostrils. His eyes were bloodshot like someone that drowned himself in alcohol soaked bucket. He was constantly flashing his browned teeth as he bickered about how tight the seat was. I didn't know whether to complain or cover my nostrils.

Izie's story continues...

I expected him to shut up after we adjusted for him but he didn't.  He rather decided to tackle me on why I covered my nose with my handkerchief while he bared his mind. It was from that moment that it occurred to me that he simply loves trouble and so I had to serve him back the food he desired passionately. The driver had to park the car when he noticed that the matter was getting to a whole different dimension. The man slapped me and I had no option than to retaliate, I held his shirt and pushed all my strength into squeezing life out of him.

He made a spectacle of himself as people on hearing the bone of contention took to my side. They berated him for daring to fight a lady. He wasn't in a bit moved and that was when I ran to the conclusion that not all human beings have conscience. Some are plain diabolical. So he wanted me to breathe in all the foul odour he was emitting? Like I almost puked.

The Ordeal she divulged was hilarious and I couldn't help but laugh as I read until I came to a line she scribbled "Emmy that's why I want us to be more than friends, I'm the neat lady you seek. She probably wanted passing a message across to Emmy.

I wondered why she was too straightforward and blunt about wantom desire. I meant people should be discrete with such things. You can outrightly be rejected and this can serve the purpose of not publicly making yourself an object for ridicule.

I clicked on her profile to see what she look like. Well, she appeared chubby, wasn't pretty and can't be described as cute either. She was dumpy and short with round knob-like nose, big perturbed ears, a square jaw, wide forehead and pudgy little hands. I have expected her to be stunningly beautiful in a manner that will make me salivate. But I wasn't in a bit intimidated from what I saw. However, I was sad that Emmy loved her comment. I felt a whip of jealousy lash through me. I wondered on how long they've been friends. Probably for decades?

From his online activity, he was a most desirable man on facebook and there was never a shortage of women for desirable men. His reaction to her comment clearly insinuated that he like her and that something might be brewing between after all.

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