My Facebook Crush (episode 6)

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Bright sunlight flitted through the window, I squinted as the early sunlight penetrated through my face. I woke up sweaty. The clock on the wall informed me that it was well past 11 O'clock. I stared at it in utterly disbelief for several long moments and threw the duvet off my body to cool down.

I had a lecture in school fixed by 8:30am. It was obvious I already missed the lecture as it was to end by same time I woke up. I noticed there was limited power supply. Such had been the case for some time. The only time power holders gave us uninterrupted power supply were in our dreams.  It had never been real.

I pulled my dressing gown from where it hung and stepped to the bathroom to brush my teeth. My eyes flickered to the mirror on the wall, that was when it occurred to me what a total mess I made. My hair was ruffled and dishevelled.  The extension wasn't an original humsn hair afterall. I trailed my fingers behind forcing the strands of hair to go back into it's pony. The short hairs on my front scalp kept falling off.

My eyes were swollen. I didn't shed a tear last night so what could have possibly made my eyes puffy like this I mused. I didn't particularly have wide gorgeous eyes, my lids weren't this puffed. I remember the days I was mocked in school about how swollen my eyes were, the jesters queried if I always eat jollof rice before going to bed, that according to them was the sole reason why someone would have such ridiculous eyes.

I rushed my morning routine and was heading to the room when the aroma hit me. I perceived the flavour from the delicious meal my room mate made. Beverly's culinary skills were top-notch though we argue over that all the time. She hardly affirms about been good with cooking.  She cooks well albeit it wasn't her favourite chore. She prefers eating out or rather buying food and bringing to the house. Seemed an angel ministered to her.  She had tried waking me up for school but i feigned cramps on my belly, so she left without me. I trod to the kitchen and grabbed a plate. Dished a spoonful of the spaghetti she made. Was still chewing on a mouthful when a message came in on my tablet. I sauntered to the bedside,  lifted up my tab and clicked on the preview to allow the full message show.

"Hi Olivia".

It was from Emmy. And that was the only thing I needed to make my day a less gloomy one.

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