My Facebook Crush (episode 7)

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In as much as I tried hard to squelch the excitement buzzing in my head concerning the message I got from Emmy, the attempt seemed futile. And I finally gave in. I leapt onto the small couch in the room i shared with Beverly.

I met Bee as I nicknamed her in school on a long queue. We were freshers bustling around to meet up with the requirements and stress that accompanied being a new student. She was behind me on the queue and suddenly her pen fell down between my legs. I retrieved it for her and then conversation ensued.

She was the last child of her parents and they live in Port Harcourt. According to her, her hopes of ever getting admitted in the university that year was already dashed when she heard no list was coming out again. Her parents were on the verge of getting another Jamb form for her when her name miraculously popped up on the recent list and her hope was revived. I had listened with rapt attention as she railed with infectious enthusiasm.

She was busty, average height of about 5'5 ft tall, has appealing eyes that looked gorgeous and interesting. She was cute and beautiful. Her waistline was finely thin and she had a behind that nearly escaped looking like that of Nicki Minaj. She had the perfect body physique which any lady would kill to have. Her nose wasn't exactly pointed but weren't as flat as that of a Chinese man. She bubbled with joy as she recounted how she finally got notified about the last list that included her name.

She had queried if I already had a place to stay and when my answer was in affirmative, she quickly requested that I show her around whenever we were done with registration as was the norm. We glued so fast with each other that her mum called the next three days asking if I wouldn't mind having her as a room mate. I obliged not necessarily because I was forced to but I saw a lot of advantages that will come with staying with her.

She was jovial and outgoing. A seemingly extroverted being, opposite of myself. She seemed smart and intelligent and she had a British accent. Something very rare. Her accented voice always resonates whenever she's thrilled about something. To cap it all, we were in the same department and that will make it easy for us to always read and study together.

As I try to decipher what response to give to Emmy, my mind kept reeling places, popping rhetorical questions. I will have the answers glaring at me in the future. I will be able to hush the excitement and erase everything from mind.

"Hi", I finally typed.

Him: How are you doing?

Me: I'm very fine, thank you.

Him: Your comment on the hygienic post made me check your wall. I must admit, you really write well.

Me: (wrapped in doubt as whether to take his compliment as genuine or see it as a facade), thank you I typed again.

Silent... No one typed again. After about 5minutes, there came a message that felt like a punch which sent my chest somersaulting.

Him: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: Nope, why do you ask?

Him: I like being straightforward. Beating around the bush has never helped solved a problem before. It rather complicate issues. I like you , the e-you. And I will love to meet you outside this virtual space.

Now I was bubbling with excitement. I didn't try to suppress it. I allowed it flow surreptitiously. There was an unexpected upwelling of contentment inside of me which will later materialise into a grin.

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