My Facebook Crush (episode 8)

Coming back from school the next day, I was totally worn out. I felt as if I were a collection of disjointed bones and ligaments that God neglected to assemble in human form. Dropping my handbag on the couch, I headed straight to the bath house without paying much attention to Beverly and her patters. I was already too weak and tired for that.  The lecturer stayed longer than supposed without having an iota of empathy to the stress which was overly written on the faces of his student.

Class would have been lively for me if not for the hunger that tore noisily at my stomach. The rumble beseech soothing which I wasn't outrightly giving it. The cold water from the shower splashed on my body, then dribbled down and rushed out from the hole just as easily as it came. I was relishing each moment, not wanting it to end so soon.   It kinda revived my spirit and infused a little energy which was lacking into me. The experience was somewhat exquisite and interestingly refreshing.

We haven't cooked in a while. Bee, been someone who abhors cooking with every ounce of her being. Her culinary skills isn't poor or in a sorry state but for some obvious reasons, she prefers eating out. An attitude which I found rather amusing but later fell in love with.

"I'm not broke, although I can't boast of being financially buoyant but that's no reason to stress myself into unnecessary  cooking she'd  say.

There's was an incident that we almost exchanged vulgar words because of her Ill-mannered attitude towards cooking. We were on the verge of  fighting with words before my good manners took the better part of me.

My agitation wasn't on the fact that she rarely cooks. It bordered on the fact that she wouldn't allow the one I made to last longer than it was supposed. She loves good meal, especially one I made myself. She'd finish everything in a twinkle of an eye and ogle me to see my reaction. I sparsely noticed it the last time it occurred or we'd have another reason to fight.

I stepped out from the bathroom aware Bee must have purchased the food to quench hunger. I gingerly unwrapped mine and ate with relief at finally having some preventives against the rioting going on in my tummy , promising to tear my intestines apart.

Bee: "You mentioned earlier today while in school that Emmy asked you out"? Bee's voiced through mouthful of food.

Me: "Yes, he did. But I see it as a mere tease. Maybe he just want to elicit a negative packed reaction from me", I mused.

Bee: "But you should give him a response, he might be serious. You really can't tell. And not like you don't fancy being his girl", she said and glared  me. Daring me to deny.

Me: " It's true I like him,  on the basis of what I've seen on his page. He's gorgeous and has a cute smile. But do I know the kind of life he lives? What if he has a bad character beside the facade he's putting up on facebook?

Bee: "Didn't you ponder on that before acting like Izie was snatching him from you? I know everything that happened that night. You cried like an idiot over a man you've never met Livie.  That was utterly rubbish. I'd never do such a formidable thing, now he's asked you out and you're acting like you abhor the idea , you  better accept his proposition so you don't rot single", she said through clenched teeth. Her attitude clearly standoffish.

I looked at her. I couldn't understand the outburst. It seemed incongruous .  She wasn't thinking from the angle that i barely knew this guy. Quite true i was an asshole for sobbing because of the little drama on facebook. That wasn't cool, i'd punch me if i could for being such a jerk, disgracing myself in that manner but She was supposed to be my best friend and best friends help and support each other. Don't they? Her comment threw me off balance for a moment but I got hold of myself. We ain't doing exchange of words, not this time.   I decided not to engage her in any further discussion relating to Emmy. To her amazement, I hissed and carried my food to the bed, leaving her to rot with her advice since she clearly sucks at giving one.

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