Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memories of tomorrow by Blessing Mary Ocheido

Ade would give her some money every month to stock up on her red lingerie collection. He also bought Laila her first pair of thongs, lipstick and stilettos- all in red when he travelled home to Lagos during the holidays. He would have her catwalk around his apartment in just her lingerie, a dash of red lipstick on her lips and a pair of red shoes on her feet. Sometimes he would ask her to dance for him. He downloaded twerking videos on the internet and made her learn.

He worshipped her body. He would thank her whenever she came in his mouth.  The first and only time she squirted in his face, he licked every drop of it off her body with a grin on his face.
“You taste like spring water- with just the right tinge of saltiness. I want to eat you all day, every day.”

But he wouldn’t let her touch him- he wouldn’t even penetrate her. And so Laila was always in a perpetual state of sexual longing until she got into the university- far away from home. She found that there was a flock of men who would do anything to have her in their bed. And so she had her fill of them - especially the rich, successful ones. These were the best of the lot because they were not clingy plus sex is always better in a clean, air-conditioned hotel room with room service to booth, Laila reasoned.

During her national youth service year in Lagos, Laila walked into Ade at a mall. She screamed and ran to hug him. She noticed that he was not very receptive and when she let him go, she realized that his wife and kids were standing behind him. Ade went on to introduce her to his family as one of the students he tutored during his youth service and soon they bid each other farewell.

Laila could not get the thought of Ade out of her head throughout the weekend. Knowing that he was now a married man brought an increased need to see him- to do crazy things with him.
She retrieved his mobile number from the complimentary card he had given to her at the mall the other day and went ahead to text him:

“Does your wife dazzle you in red like I used to?”

He replied an hour later with:
“Meet me at Room 24, Eko Hotel and Suites. 2PM on Sunday.”

Dressed in her red Victoria Secret Lingerie, red louboutins on her feet, dark, smoky eye make-up and a dash of Ruby Woo on her lips, Laila simply pulled on a knee-length waterfall jacket cinched at the waist with a belt and drove to meet her lover on that bright, Sunday afternoon. The hotel manager quickly led her to the room before turning back. Apparently Ade was some kind of big shot. Waiting in the room was a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice-bucket, a covered tray of Chinese food and a very handsome Ade hard at work on his Macbook.

As soon as he saw her, he looked up and smiled.
“You’re even more beautiful than ever… and you’ve filled out nicely in all the right places,” he said.

“I saw how hard you were trying to keep your eyes off my cleavage that day at the mall…”

“It was indeed a real struggle… your breasts are full, round, perfect…”

He was standing behind her at this moment, his hands massaging her breasts before descending to firmly grab her protuberant ass.

“How many men have ravaged and ravished this perfection since I last did?” he whispered softly into her ears.

“Did you enjoy it?”
“Yes, I did.”

He slowly pulled off her jacket and when she stood in front of him in just her red accouterments, a sensual gasp once again escaped his throat- same as it did a few years ago.

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