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30 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles with Beads 2017 (photos)

Braided cornrows have been in existence as far back as the medieval days. But modern day women are not only maintaining the culture but Stylishly spicing up the way by which they rock their braided hairs. The recent trend in braided cornrows is banging up your braids with gorgeous beads. 

The beads are not hard to come by, just a little shopping in the nearest mall close to your house, and boom, you get em beads.

The first thing to consider when choosing bead type is 'how tiny do I want my braids to Be? If you're opting for medium sized braids, then you might as well go for beads with wide opening in other for your braids to penetrate through the bead hole.

There are varieties of styles to go for too. It's not compulsory to do 'All back Ghana braids or cornrows' for your beads to fit in. Take a look at the picture below and get my point.

It's all about going for what caught your fancy and what you can be readily comfortable in.

I love my beads in Ghana braids. But different stroke for different folks. We all have preferences. Take a peep at the pic below, you like it? I bet you did!

Not same style with the previous one. This is a bit unique as the braids flowed side by side. Let's just say it's a side bang braids. Lol

The swirl style below highlighted with white tape which isn't really bead is still gorgeous

I love to call this style 'zigzag or snake hairstyle', quite crazy huh? I've rocked this particular style times without numbers and I always treasured the sophisticated look it gives. Wanna try out this style?

This gorgeous big box braid spiced up with beautiful beads can sure give beautorgasm. Hehehehe. How did I come up with that word? It really doesn't exist in any dictionary. Trust me!

You'd find the rest as interesting and beautiful as the ones above. Remember, take your time and pick the one youoved most for your next appointment.

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Always come back here for more fashion and hair insights. Stay tuned!

Photo credit: instagram


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