20 Gorgeous Big Box Braided Hairstyles with Photos

Box braids

Craving for the most convenient way to braid your hair and carry it for days without having to go through the hassles of styling your hair? The big box braids is for you.

Big box braids are most appreciated in simple downdos. And there's nothing as cool as mixing up colors to highlight a bit just like the one in the above picture. 

Or going all the way to use just a particular colored extension. This color right here is my best color whenever it comes to braiding. I always opt for this because the older it gets, the finer it becomes. 

Black colored extensions has been found to be the same just like the gold color highlighted above. It gets finer as the hair stays for couple of months. 

The triangle parting is quite simple but I'd say not all stylists can do this. If you must opt for this style of big box braids, then be sure you're sitting down for an expert to help you do it. If not, your facial expression will be awful after the hair-do. Lol

I just love the way most women are spicing up their Big Box Braids nowadays. The beads added more fun to the look, and made it quite classy. 

Here's another gold-colored highlights. See how it made her look extremely gorgeous and appealing? This is really trending. Won't you like to spice up your braids life with another color? 

Show off your braided hairstyles with multiple colors. This will totally give a different look altogether. 

Let's take a look at the above. How long do you love your braids to be? I have friends that are really in love with long braids. I've tried such a couple of times. The only pitfall is that Atimes, you'd find things a little difficult with packing up your Box Braids. 

Another splash of blonde color to your hair isn't a bad idea. Most women practically changes their hair color to that of the extension to mix things up together. 

This chunky big box braids is cool for all occasions. Just pull back or in a Pony tail and you're good to go. 

Okay, this right here isn't big box braids. I merely picked and added it here because of the sassy look it gave the wearer. It's called faux locs. I'm wearing this exact hairstyle at the moment, will share pictures later. Lol

Most women just prefer this particular color. Don't know if there's any benefit attached to using it but I sure know it's because of the exquisite look the wearer gets after using it that's attracting most women to it. 

Hello world! Let's splash our big box braids with some colors. With this mixture, your big box braids would look unique because it perfectly fits with chunky braids. 

Pairing box braids with undershaves would give more edge to your look. Don't know how many women would opt for this but it's really cool trying out different looks

I love the color. I love that her box braids isn't too big, it looks classy and I love the way she held that phone to snap her gorgeous self. 

Which of the gorgeous looks is your favorite? Please do well to invite your friends to this blog.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Photo credit: Instagram. 

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