20 Gorgeous Braided Hair Ideas for 2018 with Beautiful Pictures.

 2017 was awesome with black women rocking drop dead gorgeous hairstyles but of course, we expect that 2018 would be more fashionable than 2017.

We do not expect that Braids life go below expectations.  We are ready to experiment variety of Braids styles. Ranging from Ghana Braids,  twist Braids,  faux loc Braids,  dreadloc Braids,  braided updos,  Bob Braids,  and so on

 The  goddess Braids hairstyle can be worn to different occasions. This braided style does not need to be packed all the time. A simple up do is enough for the wearer to rock

 Twist Braids :  This Braids comes in different forms. There's that tiny twist Braids that can make you sit for couple of hours before the Braids are properly done. Most women recently opt for this tiny twist Braids in the wig form. Almost all the women in my country are currently wearing twist braidEd wig and it's cool literally.

 If you friend pops out of somewhere with this pinky yarn Braids,  what will your reaction be?  Surprised?  Admiration? What exactly.  I love this hairstyle and it's funky nature. It's cool

 Is a blonde something. lol.  I love the fact that black women are taking laws into their hands. Going out , breaking the norms and doing cool tings with their Braids life.

 This is just some cool ways to rock natural hair. Spice it up and do not need scared to tint your hair.

 Big Box Braids. The three 'B's of  braids life. If you have been skeptical on how big your box Braids should be, then I suggest a try out of this exact big box Braids.

 This Cornrows Braids is everything I need this 2018. Creativity. Unique . And it restoreth life unto Cornrows Braids.  Lol.  You can make your stylist try out another gorgeous Braids style.

 Twist Braids with a blonde highlight. Have done and seen where the highlights appeared at the Braids tip/ tail. But this style isn't particularly bad. What do you think?

 Here is the gorgeous bob Braids.  The bob Braids that all and sundry can rock and still look chic. Bob Braids has evolved over the years with different style coming out everyday. That's what black women are known for. Stylish. Elegance. Beautiful. You name them.

 Ghana Braids : this style is actually ponytail. Once called the banana ghana braids because of its curved style.

 This dope Braids right here is common amongst African American women. They are the hair risk takers, this style is cool but I haven't imagined myself, shaving my hair sides to rock this kinda style. If you have the heart, then this Braids isn't bad at all. You can try it out.

 I love the hair tint. Maybe because I'm crazily in love with blonde color on hairs.  Maybe not. But the transformation is amazingly nice.

 The goddess Braids tried out with different colored extensions. This spiced up the Braids and made it more beautiful in ways words can't tell.

 The natural hair gang ministry did a fantastic job on this one. If my hair can stand this, then I might as well give it a try this 2018.

This lovely Cornrows Braids with blue colored extension looks cool. The length of the Braids too is lovely. The tiny Braids inbetween the big Braids also brought out the creativity of the Braids.

This is 2018. Don't be scared to try varieties of hairstyles.  Braid. Braid. And Braid some more. Not just Braids though, other cool things to be done to your hair. If you wanna cut your hair and rock natural hairstyles, then go for it. Don't let anything hold you back.  Life has got no duplicate.

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  1. 2018 is almost over and i'm here wondering how many hairstyles i've done. lol