Looking Into Nigerian Singer Chidimma Ekile's Hairstyles (Photos)

 Brazilian wool is used by most African women for hair making. I know most women in Nigeria use this Brazilian wool for different types of hairstyling.

It can be braided into big box braids or twisted out like the normal twist braids everybody knows. The above style is called 'Faux loc.'

The most popular about this style amongst Nigerian women is called 'isi owu' that is rubber hair.

See picture below...

The Nigerian female singer always stuns her fans and the whole country with the kind of hairstyle she usually opts for. Been that this hairstyle is mostly with the have nots in Nigeria.

 The rubber hair isn't found amongst the rich. It is mostly for the have nots. Where a tiny piece of rubber in plastic Form is tied in 'wrapping manner' on a natural hair, wrapping it upwards till a tail like shape is formed.

Why the hairstyle is popular amongst the majority of poor people in Nigeria is its affordability. It's very cheap and easy to make. It doesn't cost more than a thousand naira to achieve. But with the Nigerian Singer reinventing the look in a classical manner, I bet the price would go high again.

A lot of Nigerian young girls are currently embracing this hairstyle. I could remember when I finished my secondary school, I was advised to make this hairstyle so as to grow out my hair. The simple truth about this hairstyle is that it helps the hair grow quickly. For Africans please. 

It strengthens the natural hair and make it longer and fuller. I was practically ashamed because of the stigma attached to the hairstyle. Another thing I considered was having my friends laugh me to scorn. 

The way this lady reinvented this look actually make me believe strongly that it isn't about the hairstyle but it's about the confidence in you with any style you decide to rock.

Are you always after what people would say while making your hair? 

Well, see pictures of young women that are currently rocking this hairstyle and they are quite happy about it. 

So it's all about you and what you've decided to do with your hair.

Edit: A friend if mine is currently contacting her hairdresser to get this look. 

So what do you think about the style? Will you rock this Chidinma Ekile hairstyle? 

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