5 Gorgeous Cornrows Braids In Vogue 2018

Cornrows Braids also known as cane rows braids are a girl's favorite way to pull off a gorgeous hairstyle that would keep all eyes on her. The cornrows braids above is called the Double Goddess Cornrows done by Braids Barbie. She's a popular Hairstylist. 

If you want to attain this particular cornrows braids, then you will need to screen grab or save it. This cornrows braids can be worn to different occasions, ranging from wedding, work, and just about anywhere. The cornrows are not braided to the end, they stopped midway leaving out weaves at the tips. If this cornrows piques your fancy, then be sure to rock this look on your next hair appointment. 

 Cornrows Braids comes in variety of ways. The cornrows braids popularly known by every woman is the cornrows braids that is braided down to the tips. There are tiny cornrows braids, fancy cornrows braids, and even cornrows braids that comes in Form of Ghana braids.  The above cornrows braids is mostly for kids. See the fitting it gave this little angel? Want to try this particular cornrows braids on your kid?

Of course there' are cornrows braids that the two sides are gelled together with an extension to hold back the gelled part and keep it together. Gelled Cornrows Braids are a quickie, lol. I said so because of how easy one can achieve this look. Cornrows Braids generally are easier than other hairstyles but this particular cornrows is the easiest. Imagine a night you'd want a hangout with friends or you're going to the beach, then this cornrows braids will be your best shot. 

The banana cornrows braids is another gorgeous way to rock cornrows braids. With the lines pulled back in banana-like firm, this cornrows braids would definitely fit anyone who wears it. 

You know your hairstylist is an expert if she's able to pull off this beautiful, stylish and elegant cornrows braids. You may want to know how the snaky frontal was achieved? It was simply gelled. Cornrows Braids won't be quick to go out of fashion. African women and African American Women would continue to rock cornrows braids till infinity. 

Photo credit: instagram 

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