25 Gorgeous Braided Hair Ideas for Black Women (photos)

Fashionable Black women and every black woman needs to opt for a gorgeous braided hairstyle every damn time. It should not be an occasional thing. Braided Hairstyles are for women of all ages. The better news about it is that it doesn't fade with time.

Do you know that most women carry their braided hairs for as long as 6 months? And even more. The reason behind this is not far fetched. Braided Hairstyles tends to be finer as they get old. Don't know if anybody apart from myself has noticed this. Take a look at the above braided hairstyle. It's just not for kids. The braided hairstyle is simply a combination of BANTU KNOTS and CURLY.

The Bantu Knot wasn't extended to the back side. The Hair stylist stylishly did the frontal while leaving the curls to drop behind. You know you've arrived finally if you can beautifully rock this braided hairstyle and be confident in it.

Hello to this beautiful bob style. The braided hairstyle was knotted in a bob way. The amazing thing about this style that will continuously make me trip is the extension color. Do you mind the colors you use for your braided hairstyles or should i ask if you're color-conscious? Whatever that means. lol. You can spice up your braids with beautiful colors. Blonde does it for me. I love doing my braids with blonde or ombre and i know a lot of people who are just like myself. What color is do you prefer for your braided hairstyles?

Beautiful Braided Cornrows Braids done in two-sided pony. I have tried this braided hairstylee just once all my life. And i certainly looked lovely and sophisticated. I pride in the euphoria of having full front scalp. Before you can try out this braided hairstyle, you must be sure about your hair type so you don't come back looking strange.

Your braided hairstyle should always be gorgeous. The above braided hairstyle known as GHANA WEAVING is an every month routine for the 'ROUND & OVAL' shaped faces  in Africa. And what could make this braided hairstyle more sophisticated than spicing up the look with beads. Overtime, African women have embraced the idea of accessorizing their braided hairstyle with stylish beads

If you're an ardent reader or follower of this blog, then I'm certain you already know me as 'BLONDE LOVER', I seriously can not help myself tripping for this color. The braided hairstyle above is no other but the normal BIG BOX BRAIDS popularly worn by women of all ages. But of course this particular BRAIDS staring right at you isn't ordinary. The stylist stylishly parted the roots in such triangular that would leave you dumping your weaves to Braided hairstyle  

The ponytail CORNROWS BRAIDS for your sophisticated look. The braided hairstyle can be worn to all occasions and mostly on days when you'd be feeling too lazy to do proper hair, you can just opt for this style, with your braids been pulled into a ponytail and the aftermath an amazing look. Sure to try out this braided hairstyle on your next hair appointment.

This braided hairstyle depicts everything beautiful and lovely. It's a BOX BRAIDS though medium sized,  a little Ghana weave by the side to start off the coifs and a lot more accessories to finish up the look. Braided hairstyles will continue to evolve and in decades to come, i would love to think new generational African women would dump weaves to Braided hairstyles

Kindly check out other braided hairstyles that we collated on this post and save as much as you can for a next hair appointment.


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