How To Earn Six Figures Monthly From Drop-shipping Business In Nigeria

A lot of people in Nigeria want to make money badly from Drop shipping but they really do not know how to go about it. I read posts on Nairaland where Nigerians are bent on discovering this juicy means of making money but most people there either do not understand what drop shipping is all about or they don't want to reveal it. It's very understandable as drop shipping isn't a kind of business you wake up one morning and decide to do. More so, one thing i discovered as a Nigerian is that people are way too scared about giving out information when it relates to money making. Don't know if they want to make the money alone or what... lol. Anyways, in this article, i will reveal to you, what Most Nigerians Know and are hiding.

First of all, as a Nigerian wanting to make money from Drop shipping, there are a lot of work you need to do. You've got plenty on your sleeve to do before you can thrive in drop shipping business. It's not a venture for small minded people. You can't even scale through if you don't brave up for it.

The honest truth about dropshipping for Nigerians is that it's really tough. Don't allow anybody to tell you it's not, it's tough, difficult and very frustrating. In fact, if you are the kind of person that gets easily discouraged with things, then drop shipping is really not your calling.  You've got to look somewhere else. It's better you do not even think about it as you will end up loosing tons of money on adverts.

Let's define what a dropshipping  business is.

Drop shipping business simply a process of selling goods online without ever touching the products.

Let me explain further.

In drop shipping , you will not see the product you're selling. You're majorly acting as a third party and a middleman between the owner of the product and the buyer.

All you should do is go to Aliexpress, Pick up a product  after you must have researched on winning products, add the product to your store using Oberlo if the platform you're selling on is SHOPIFY.

Drop shipping can be done through many platforms. The most used platforms are Shopify and Alidropship


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Shopify is the most popular choice among the customers to set up their online store. It offers tons of valuable extensions, and it’s ace in the sleeve - simplicity of interaction.
Why is Shopify great  for starting out in eCommerce you may ask?
With most platforms, you are going to need to spend some extra time figuring out how to use them properly. With Shopify, it’s all pretty much intuitive, and your store setup shouldn’t be any harder than registering for a forum.
Shopify is an incredibly reliable platform, and that’s why they take considerably high fees for their services. 
This platform for example, is undeniably simple in use as well, and brings, even more, options for your marketing operations to run as they should. All you have to do is set it all up - and monitor your results. It’s that easy. In case there’s some misinterpreting or error occurrence, there’s a 24 h integrated customer support that takes care of your troubles in no time.

Apart from the ease and simplicity of using this platform, i can as well tell you that Nigerians wanting to start drop shipping business have nothing to worry about payment gateways as Shopify will handle every single thing for you and you'd receive your funds right in your local bank account. 

But for this to be possible, you will need to use "PAYPAL EXPRESS CHECKOUT" and ignore other ones. What this will do is to simply upgrade your Paypal Account to a business account. That's the only way to receive funds in Nigeria using Paypal. I will elaborate more on this later. Other payment gateways on Shopify for Nigerians include the following.
  • BitPay
  • CashEnvoy-ESL
  • Coinbase Commerce
  • GoCoin
  • PayGate
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Paystack

Again, while setting up your store, do not make the mistake of selecting any other payment gateway if it's not PayPal express Checkout.

A lot of people would say " Hey, Nigerians can't receive funds using PayPal" but that's the major reason why I said to use shopify.

With shopify, your PayPal account will be upgraded to a business account and you won't have difficulty receiving funds as shopify will process everything for you.

See the screen shot of my second PayPal account with shopify to see for yourself. 

See the tab on payments received? That's to show you that truly, Paypal Express Checkout works fine for Nigerians.


Alidropship is also a great platform for your drop shipping business in Nigeria but i can't say much about this because i never used it. Nevertheless, i have read tons of reviews from people who have used it.  I have a friend who is making thousands of Dollars monthly on this platform. The only issue is that you will encounter a lot of challenges where payment gateway is concerned. He's using Stripe and  he paid about $1000 to get a lawyer in the United states in other to register his drop shipping business. You can research more on this if you want to try it out. I would have given out his store name but nope, he has tons of winning products and i wouldn't want anyone copying him. 

I will always recommend SHOPIFY because of the rigors and complexities associated with ALIDROPSHIP but if you feel you're a tech person and can handle it, then you might as well ignore me and go for ALIDROPSHIP

So how do you start with creating your online store and filling them up with products?

Click here to create a SHOPIFY seller's account.

I will also recommend a video by Tobia Wilson on YouTube.

He detailed out the steps to follow with clear cut instructions on how to get a good product and import to your shopify store using an app called Oberlo.  Oberlo app allows you to import countless products from Aliexpress to your shopify store.

There are other apps to use for increment of sales on your store.

Now, there's a secret I learnt during the course of my research on this shopify /drop shipping business.

To really excel in drop shipping business, as a Nigerian, please do not make the mistake of running your ads on Facebook for Nigerians. Don't even try it. You will not make any sale. Nothing. 

We hardly ever buy things online. Every other countries into this drop shipping business targets the United States of America. 

Reason is because majority of what is been sold online is bought by people based there. This is based on statistics. 

I was lucky to meet with and brainstorm ideas with some brilliant minds on how to get a winning product and advertise on Facebook.

There's a site where you can get ideas on what people are buying online. I won't spell it out here, if you want details about this site, then email me. I will give the information free of charge , but I just want to make sure you read up to this stage. 

My fellow Nigerians, we are lagging behind greatly in this online game. I met a 16 year old US guy who made over $2000 in a single day in drop shipping.

Drop shipping doesn't end with just importing from Aliexpress and selling on shopify.  There's another one called "POD - PRINT ON DEMAND" and people are cashing out big time from it.

Y"all need to wake up from your slumber and start doing something great. 

Online money making shouldn't be tied to only the few you and I know (the one that made them ban us from using PAY PAL), which isn't even legitimate. 

Be on this drop shipping game and thank me later. I will still write and publish more articles on this drop shipping business in Nigeria. 

Feel free to drop comments or ask questions on anything confusing to you. I will be glad to put you through.


  1. Thank you for that article! I also want to give some tips for you guys: you can find lots of great articles about dropshipping at this blog - and you can educate yourself at this spere for free. God luck! Hope it will be helpful.

  2. Thank you for this article it was or is very insightful. I av bee looking for minths now on aomwthing to do an this picked my interest some tine ago and registered with shopify but that was it as I didn't know what to do and got stuck with many emails from shopify. Thanks for this and looking forward to more articles written from you.