Chebe Powder Works, Grows Hair Fast, See Proof !!!

I was among the group of people who strongly believe that there's no miracle product or special treatment to enhance fast hair growth as an African woman. I opined that hair growth is hereditary and that if you do not belong to those who naturally have long hair,  then you should embrace your short hair but after seeing the effective results of Chebe powder on my hair, I was left with no choice but reverse the statement.

Chebe powder truly enhances hair growth.  Of course, it's a gradual process. Your hair is not going to grow out under 2 days but it will certainly grow. Fast too.

Chebe powder is a natural homemade product made by the Basara Arab women of Chad. These Chadian women are known for their full length hair that goes as long as touching their hip and thighs and the secret of their lengthy hair have been revealed to be constant use of Chebe powder.

Chebe powder will aid in retaining longer hair length by giving you strong healthier hair growth.  It will also keep your hair unbroken. You won't have to worry about hair breakage and hair loss. Chebe powder will keep your hair moisturized which is the most important ingredients to healthy hair growth journey.

The beauty of Chebe powder lies in its natural state. It's pure natural.

What happens when you use Chebe Powder?

From my personal experience,  two things basically happens when you rub in Chebe powder paste into your hair.

1. Your hair untangles itself naturally . The oil in the paste seals the cuticle, then weighs the hair down so that the hair doesn't curl itself and form knots.

2. It causes less hair breakage. You might relate very well with the fall outs from hair while washing with ordinary hair shampoo or while combing out your hair. Once Chebe powder is continuously used in hair, those hair loss will be minimized.

How to use Chebe Powder.

For the traditional Chebe Mask ,  dampen the hair. Apply the chebe mixture. You can alternate between the oil and hair grease mix & the chebe powder mix until the hair is fully saturated. Braid the hair . Once the braiding is done, wet the hair a little bit again.

For best results, repeat the routine after 3 to 5 days. Do not rinse the mixture out.

How I used Chebe Powder on my hair.

Mixed 5 teaspoon of Chebe powder  with karkar oil to make a paste. I then applied it evenly on my parted hair , from the shafts down. But please, do not allow it touch your scalp because it will itch you like crazy. Experience taught me so. And it also causes dandruff. Trust me, you don't want to have that in your hair. After applying the Chebe  paste on my hair and braiding it out, i allowed  it to sit for minimum of 2 hours and then rinsed it out with water.

I always apply leave-in conditioner after rinsing out the Chebe powder.

See the pictures of my thick and full hair after I used Chebe powder. And yes,  my hair is longer than it used to be.

See the back view

I did a twist out with my natural hair and that was after I've applied Chebe powder.  I also encouraged my younger sister to use Chebe Powder on her hair.  She went natural before me and you can see the progress of this powerful  Chebe powder mixture after 2 months of using it.

To find out where you can buy this Chebe powder and karkar oil in Nigeria, kindly email or whatsapp 07061209332


When you're doing something and certain it's the right thing, then you will be proud to show it off.

My homie contacted me after I told her about the wonders of this magical chebe powder and oil. How it grows hair fast and how to make use of it. She ordered for hers.

See the effect of chebe powder and karkar oil after she used it. This is the result after 1 month of applying chebe powder to her natural hair. See photos below.

Before Chebe powder

After Chebe Powder on hair