Do You Believe In the Existence of Evil?

Do you believe that evil exists? 

If you don't, we'll I do. It's real. But it's okay if you don't believe. 

My story goes... 

I have lived in fear for years.  Rooted deep down in my heart, like a fragment of fire, refusing to be quenched. On several occasions, when I'd  thought I've ridden myself of it, the realization that I haven't, would come down crashing on me. For the silhouette of him would appear again.

For years, I've been tormented. In my dreams. It started in my early years in life. When I was still learning the language of life. Language spoken by many, but understood by few. The very few who have encountered it. Not everyone has, and the many who haven't, never believed.

The language that evil exists.

It's not a wonder, that many still do not believe. It has become reality for others, like myself. Even though we never begged for it. Sometimes, we wish to control certain things which are beyond us.

My tormentor always come when I'm sleeping. In the night. Noon, mostly.

He'd sit at my bedside. The place where I'd calmly place my head. To enjoy solitude, and be far away from the chaos that makes man unorganized. Chaos of life that speaks volumes.

He'd stretch out his dark, filthy hands. With my back turned to him. He'd place his hands on a part of me that up till this moment, I can't tell... And make electric wave pass through me.  I'd feel it like it's happening in real life. My body would shake uncontrollably. I'd struggle to move, to breathe, to talk, to even call the name "JESUS" but the more I tried, the more he increased the intensity of the wave passing through me. After what will seem like 30 mins, I'd jolt from my bed, with sweats all over me.

Sometimes, I'd wake up with a terrible migraine. Other times, I'd wake up sick to my stomach. With goosebumps on my pores.

The worst of it all is, I won't see his face. A times, it seemed as if it were a woman. Other times, it'd be a young girl. Or a man. They just kept changing forms in which they come.

There were days I'd be so scared of sleeping alone in a room. I've never allowed light to go off in my room. I'd cling to the holy Bible, as though my life depended on it. I'd wrap the Rosary around my fingers, praying to dear Lord, to not allow my tormentor to visit while I sleep.

This dream has consistently refused to allow me be, even as I approach adulthood.


I added another year to my years on earth. My birthdays are days for me to reflect on my life. On my achievements. On my progress in life. I prefer solitude to throwing parties. I don't know why, maybe because my life experiences have been so horrible. I was on my bed, reflecting and doze off.

My tormentor came again. In my dream.

This time, it was a he.

He took the usual position.  And started the electric wave. I tried to utter the name 'Jesus' and couldn't. I tried reciting psalm 91. The moment I trailed off with the recitation, with the wave becoming increasingly stronger, he got a match stick and lit fire on my hair.  My hair caught fire and was burning down to my scalp.

I jolted, with the shout of Jesus clung to my lips. My friend was flabbergasted. She rushed to me. To know what terrible dream I had, to have woken up in such a manner.

I was weak. I cried. Profusely. My head started pounding. The migraine, which was an aftermath of the tormenting dream.

I knelt down. And prayed.

But I've been praying for long. The dreams just won't go.

I went on youtube, to search for WARFARE PRAYERS.  I downloaded one said by Pastor Cindy. And have been using it daily.

Last week Friday, I finally let it off my chest. I talked with a colleague and friend. And she encouraged me. Not to give up praying.

I knew my tormentor would come that night. How dare me? Why did I let it out?

So I prayed very well before going to bed.

I was right. He came as I predicted.

Sat on his usual spot. And started the electric wave.

I heard myself shout in that dream...

"Lord, teach my hands to war and my fingers to fight."

"Lord, use me as a weapon against the enemy".

As I kept uttering these words repeatedly, I saw my fingers sprout out. It kept moving on its own volition. Speedily too. And held the man's face. The face I saw was familiar. I turned it fiercely. With anger. And courage.

I kept spinning his head. It turned to face of a small girl and I continued till it fell off.

The silhouette disappeared. I couldn't make out how it went. Nor where it went. I just couldn't fathom how it disappeared.

I woke up. This time, not with migraine.

For the first time in my entire livelihood, I defeated this, which has tormented me for long.

It came again 2days ago but disappeared the moment I started my prayers.

I'm no longer in fear. I've gotten past that. I'm alive because he lives. He has taken my battles and fought for my good.

The battle is over... And I'm victorious.

This is all that matters to me.

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