Embracing My Natural Hair, Best Decision I Ever Made for My Hair

2019 is here and I have a great feeling about this year. I can not say that 2018 ended on a perfect note for me. I had a lot of challenges and that was the major reason why I didn't blog much last year. It was not intentional and it's an issue I have decided to tackle this year.

A lot of things happened last year. I learned so much and I also unlearned some things that weren't beneficial to me. That is basically what life is all about if you ask me. It's a learning curve. You have to keep improving in other to get better at what you are doing.

2018 wasn't completely bad for me because I had the opportunity to actually delve into this natural hair journey. Within the short period that I was natural (1 year + 2months), I learned what worked for some kind of hair and what doesn't. I particularly got a grasp of what works fine for my hair. I mentioned before about my hair type in a previous article. I have a 4c Kinky afro hair and I also discovered that its porosity is low.

Let me drop a few tricks on how to know your hair porosity. 

But I think it's necessary to explain what hair porosity is before talking about how to determine how porous your hair is. HAIR POROSITY simply means the ability of your hair to absorb and retain moisture. Figuring this out will help you greatly in knowing what product works best for your hair.


To Know your hair porosity, get a glass jar of water. take few strands from your hair. Clean hair devoid of oil or any other products. This is important so that the results won't be altered. Drop the clean hair inside the jar of water. Basically, there are three things that should happen in other to know how porous your hair is.

1. If your hair strand sinks immediately inside the water, then your hair is HIGH POROSITY 

2. If your hair stays afloat, then your hair is LOW POROSITY and at this, I can gladly say "WELCOME TO MY CLUB." We are in this group together.

3. If your hair strand sinks slowly, then your hair is NORMAL POROSITY.

I also figured out the best combinations of ayurvedic herbs that enhance natural hair growth. You know, when you are passionate about something, it will become a norm for you to go an extra mile to make your researches and get facts right. This is one of the numerous things I achieved last year.

Talking about this ayurvedic herbs, I launched my hair products. Chebe Moisturising Buttercream and a Rapid hair growth oil made of about 25 ayurvedic herbs for all kinds of hair disease. 

The rapid hair growth oil is what I used to get rid of my crazy dandruff and also treat itchy scalp. These were the two challenges I had. I had chronic dandruff that always spoilt my protective styling. I will share a picture of dandruff in my protective braids just two days after I made the hair in an article I will be publishing soon about getting rid of dandruff. I will also include in that article a picture of what my scalp looks like presently.

I was amazed and wowed at the progress I made with my natural hair growth regimen. I didn't have one before. Like, I wasn't aware that my crown should be pampered in certain ways. The intention and focus were about growing it out using protective styling. That worked too but I neglected methods like the LOC and some others I will be talking about in coming articles.

The truth of everything is that natural hair grows healthily when you do the right thing. 

Among the things I learned, taking care of split ends and uneven hair growth was one of them. The latter was what led to the decision of cutting my 1-year natural hair. It was a very difficult decision. I felt bad at having to nurture my natural hair for about  1year and 2 months and all of a sudden, cutting off the hard work. Lol. I felt bad, literally. But I told myself that if I am on a mission to grow out healthier hair, then cutting it was the best decision. And because I trust so much in my range of chebe products, I am very certain my hair would grow back in a matter of months. And this time, all would be an even growth. 

Below is a picture of what my hair looked like before I trimmed it to TWA size. The pic by the left was the strands from my hair while the right was before I trimmed it down.

So yeah, I'm seriously back to having a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) and I currently did a protective faux loc hairstyle. I made a post about hairstyles that helps stretches out the hair and helps its growth. The link to that post can be found here

I am not so sure about sharing the picture of the hairstyle as I have dropped the link. I will be stopping here for now but please feel free to contact me and ask any question you might have regarding your hair.


The product I launched will be posted on the blog later and I will include reviews from customers that have already used them and it worked for them. I have written so much already, it wasn't intentional though, lol. 

Again 2019 will be great, for all of us.

officially saying HAPPY 2019 to all my readers.