Happy Valentine's day to anyone that will eventually read this blog post. Honestly, I don't think I've had a mind-blowing experience on Valentine's day. I'm always single and have never had anyone dropping flowers for me or massaging my back & toes, unwrapping gifts, and all those stuff that makes most women all mushy. Not to say Its always a bad day for me. Definition of bad in this scenario will base on what narrative  I decided to give...

"A day before today, my lifelong affinity for singleness was shaken somehow...replaced by an unexpected emptiness that seemed to have grown overnight". 

When you are in an environment where everyone is talking about how to function on a particular day and you have them stare at you occasionally and ask persistently what your plans for Valentine's day are, then the statement won't be hard for you to decipher.

One of my colleagues had it all figured out. She was like " Olive, as beautiful as you are, don't tell me no one is going to grease up your engine tonight. That actually cracked me up big time. maybe that wasn't the reaction she expected from me and she was confused as I laughed it off.

So first off, In as much as I don't think love or showing love should be restricted to a particular day in the year. C'mon, there are 365 days in a year. Love should be shown on each of these days. That is what I believe. Maybe it's because I have chosen not to attach much importance to Valentine's day or because it always turns out badly for other people. Whatever the case may be, Love is a feeling that should be shared all day. As long as one breathes, show love.

Moreso, the greatest love spans from within. The love that will eventually transcend or be extended to others has to come from oneself first. If you don't love yourself enough, how will you convince others that you love them? I don't think that connects. The dots have to be connected starting from yourself.

For this reason, I took one and a hundred photos of myself. I looked at myself in the mirror and suddenly I realized all my perfections and imperfections. I decided to love both unequivocally. Love lives within me. You don't actually need a partner to feel loved. Maybe to an extent, you do. But the crux of the matter is not to make it a priority.

As far as I am very much concerned, there are reasons why one might be out of a relationship. Which spans from...

1. Been too busy with things you deemed most important and you ditch all social life and gatherings.

2. Loving yourself too much that you're literally scared of someone coming into your life and shattering your fragile heart.

3. The bitter taste of a past relationship. Oh my God! Some people dwell in this so much that they forget entirely what it is like, to live life.

     Honestly, if your reason for not giving love a chance is because of a past relationship that didn't work out fine as you wish, then maybe talking to a shrink would help. It's tough I know but if you don't find the energy to forgive the person that hurt you and move on with life, then your case is overserious. lol.

4. Busy-loving people that do not value you. Or People that are busy loving other people that will unfortunately for them, won't love them back. Haha! It's a vicious cycle. I know this.


5. No reason at all.

Like, you wake up every morning, you did not offend anyone, no one offended you. You just discovered your own world and life like that. And most times, you can't help but ask yourself if something is wrong with you. lol. Nothing is. maybe you're not created to fit into that circle. Or maybe, that's Life telling you to hang on still. That the best is coming.

Okay, I've written so much already without intending to. My point is...

VALENTINE or NONE, you deserve a bit of happiness. Every bit of it. And you don't have to wait for anyone to be happy. And you certainly shouldn't pause happiness till 14th February of every year. 

Look at the undiluted smile on my face in the picture I uploaded to this post. I have loads of worries to make me sad and bothered but I have decided that I won't be unhappy with anything. I am very much unstoppable in my quest for happiness. Particularly this year and henceforth.

You should emulate that. Nope, it's not just for the camera. Or for social media. Or just for a blog post. It was my state of mind and still is my state of mind.

Once again, Happy Love day to anyone that will read this. 

Remember, Love is an everyday thing, and LOVING YOURSELF first should be your greatest priority.

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