The Egyptian Goddess braids , The Latest Trend (Photos)

So there's this new hairstyle in vogue called the Egyptian goddess braids and it has heads spinning as every fashion inclined women are bent on getting it on their heads. Lol

Matter of fact, I'm opting for this braids as soon as I take off my fauxlocs braids out. Guys, I literally sat down for 10 hours to get this fauxlocs braids. I did it with wool and I intentionally went for the lengthy one. Pictures are coming soon by the way.

So the Egyptian goddess braids are basically from short Bob braids as far as I'm concerned. With a lot of accessorizing. You guys, I hate accessorizing my braids in the first place, so I'm still wondering how I'm gonna do this Egyptian braids without the too much accessories. But you know what they say about one man's meat being another man's poison. I am 100% sure that a lot of women love to accessorize their braids unlike me. I am not saying braids shouldn't be accessorized, nope. For me, it's cool to add color and pieces of jewelry to your braids just like i used cowries and wine color on my fauxlocs but i am literally not a fan to many accessories on braids. I know you guys can't wait to see my braids, yeah? lol

The Egyptian goddess braids are the new thing. So if you don't really fancy the short bob braids because you think bob braids are always too short or don't touch your shoulders like they should, then I'd suggest you check out these Egyptian goddess braids. They might work well for you. Women of all colors are rocking this braids and guys, it's really an amazing style.

A lot of people have taken to a black extension for this braids but it won't be bad to experiment with other colors. You, those rainbow colors won't rock

This is one of the hairstyles that is currently trending and guess what? A lot of women will still wear this braids before the year runs out.

What are your thoughts about this style? Do you think it's worth rocking? Do you think your stylist can pull it off for you?

Drop your comments in the comment section and don't forget to let your sisters and girlfriends know about this blog.

Photo Credit - @africanahairstyles on Instagram

Stylist - Cynthia. You can follow her on Instagram too and probably book appointments with her if you are based in the UK

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