Fauxloc - The Protective Styling that aids hair growth

A lot of women wonder why their natural hair doesn't grow very fast and the answer is not far fetched.  The first problem associated with tardy hair growth apart from hereditary is lack of proper care of hair.

If you desire to have your face beautifully made up, what will you do?  You buy makeup ranging from foundation, eye liner , lipstick and so on to make your face bam?  If you're hungry and want food, do you fold your hands and watch time pass? Of course not. You buy food.

Then why is it that you want your hair to grow but won't put the effort to make that happen? If you're given Protective hairstyles that will make your hair grow rapidly fast, you'll abandon it and be doing Ghana braids. Lol. Not saying Ghana braids doesn't grow hair, but you can't add "fast" to the sentence. 

I've had influx messages from people on my Facebook page (African Hairstyles) asking for hairstyles that will help stretch out their hair and make it grow fast.

Honestly, there's  no other hairstyle that stretches or grows hair faster than fauxloc.  Fam, your hair will grow massively if you're patient enough to carry it for at least 2 months. I have talked about the fauxloc hairstyles and also shared images on different ways to wear fauxloc. The most trendy being using wool. If you're not sure about the fauxloc post, please check here

So I made this braids / fauxloc 1 month ago. I decided to opt for the tiny and lengthy one because I intentionally want to carry it for 2 months. I'm not sure I will go that far but that's the intention. I sat down for 10 good hours guys. Like, I was super tired by the time the braider was done. It took that long because I've got full hair. And doubled that with a big head. Lol

Taking care of the braids so it doesn't get old or dirty easily, I always add moisture to my scalp with this Oil. The Oil not only add moisture but helps with hair growth because of the herbs (about 20 ayurvedic herbs) that promotes hair growth. Your braids won't last if you're constantly itching and scratching it. If you have itchy or flaky scalp, then using an oil of your choice or getting ours isn't bad at all. But make sure it's an anti-dandruff oil.

My answer to everyone asking for protective styles for maximum hair growth is to go for fauxloc. I made this with a wool called "Bobby wool"  here in Nigeria and I used about 16 pieces. That's one packet. If you must use the 1 packet  and you want it to be as long as mine, then I've got to warn you, it's super heavy and doesn't fit in any hair net. I cover mine every night with a specially made bonnet. 

You can get the oil by sending a message to ngeneolivia@gmail.com or WhatsApp 07061209332.

Delivery is worldwide.  

And if you're looking for how to make your own oil, kindly drop comment under this post with your email address and I will on how to make it.

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