I will be washing my hair tomorrow and I'm super excited about this wash. So after 2 months plus, water will finally run down my scalp. 💃💃.  In as much as wash days can be a nightmare for some naturalistas,

I've never had any reason to be scared of wash days.
I always pre-poo with a mix of  castor oil, olive oil and drops of essential oils. Argan oil is a handy one for me.  I pre-poo and cover with rubber cap and leave till the next morning.
The benefits of pre-pooing before washing your naturalhair are too many to overlook. For instance, my hair tends to be soft and easy to detangle while washing.  And super soft after each washing.

I alternate between shampoos because I'm yet to find the perfect hair shampoo for my hair  but the   KUI teatree and cinnamon moisturizing shampoo seems to work just fine. I sometimes pre-poo with pepus hairgrowth oil like I will be doing tonight. I use megagrowth deepconditioning cream. I apply it after washing my hair thoroughly.  Then I leave for about 20 minutes before rinsing it out.

This is the routine that's currently working well for me. Do you have any special routine that's different from this? Kindly share in the comment section let's educate each other. Thanks.

Below are the pictures of the products that I use...

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