Ghana braided hairstyles have been in vogue since Adams and are readily made by anyone because of its enormous styles.  The Side Ghana weave hairstyles are braided from the Side, down to probably the left ear Side or the right one.  But the continuous addition of extensions while braiding still holds and that's one of the major reasons why this hairstyle is unique. Another encouraging thing about this side ghana braids is that's no matter how shapely your facial features are,  the hairstyle will still fit well.

There are varieties of ways to beautify your side ghana braids. By accessorizing with beads or curling the tip with hot water. Whichever style of side ghana braids you choose to make in this first quarter of 2020 should make a statement. Side ghana braids are not difficult to make although it can be very painful because the extension starts right from the scalp. Side ghana braids fit every face. 

The pictures collectively show different ways on how to rock your Side Ghana weave.  Go through the pictures and pick one for your next hair appointment. 

You can decide to mix up the color on the extensions you want to use for your side ghana braids or stick to one color. If your hair is not color 1, then using wine red for your side ghana braids is absolutely not abhorrent. I've used this color countless times and it suits dark caramel skin. It complements the wearer's looks and complexion.

Apart from using multi-colors when you want to make side ghana braids, you can also use thin yarn extension to beautify just like the above picture depicted. Side ghana braids are an everyday style for all women because of the versatility that comes with making ghana braids. So if you are not so sure about what style of ghana braids to opt for, then side ghana braids should be an option to consider.

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