Happy new year to all my blog readers, visitors, audience and passers-by. I couldn't make an official new year post because the year ended on a bad note for me, not like I carried bad energy into 2020... but been without a smartphone (was robbed on 25th December 2019 and my phone taken. So I basically had to be offline until lately. Since no time is ever late, I am saying happy new year to everyone that will read this post. May this new year bring in good tidings and be prosperous to us all.

This 2020 is a year of slaying. Your hair gonna pop like fire because we  are100% ready to give you the most trending hair ideas for you to slay to the last. It's the start of the year already and we have collated about 50 different braided hair ideas that will most likely be worn by women of color. Braided hairstyles are versatile and still remains the best way to protect your hair from hard weather conditions. The braids we collated range from ponytails braids, ghana braids, feed-in braids, french braids, fauxloc braids and so on.

Ponytail braids is a girl's favorite way of packing up hair in a topnotch style just like the picture above depicts. There are other ways to style ponytail braids such as folding up in a donut-like style. Ponytail braids can be worn to occasions, weddings, casual evening strolling and merely to protect your hair from harsh weather. This is my go-to hair on days I'm lazy about styling upbraids. 

2019 trended this goddess braids a little but the style has continuously evolved and stylists are changing the game every single day. This is the latest style for this goddess braids and it is very stylish and a beautiful way to protect your hair. This particular braid is accessorized with cowries and it came out very well. So if you are looking for another way to style your goddess braids, maybe you should try out this look.

One fantastic thing about fauxloc braids is that it enhances faster growth for natural hair. It was my favorite style for last year. I pulled this look with varieties of color extensions. To read more about this fauxloc braids, read  here

Short braids are another beautiful way to style Marley braids. They sit just above the shoulders and they fit just any face. Whether oval, oblong or round face. You have nothing to worry about because short braids are for everyone. They are elegant and edgy. 

 Also, check out other beautiful braided hairstyles that will trend in this 2020. Ghana braids, Feed-in braids, French braids, Big box braids, Marley twists all in this post.

Photo credit - @africanahairstyles on Facebook.

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