Valentine's breeze is blowing steadily. If you tune in to radio stations, all you will hear them play is Love songs. Yeah, Love in the air. For that alone, you will agree with me that it's not too early to make plans for the outfit to wear on Valentine's day. Whether you are expecting him to pop the question which will warrant wearing a badass dress by the way, OR you just want to dress casually for an evening outing with friends, here are beautiful outfits to make your day a memorable one.

If you're looking towards a date with Bae, then this Natacha Akide (Symply_Tacha) outfit will look great on you. A hairstyle like that to go with the outfit and killer nails. You can check Beautiful Nail Designs for Valentine's Day to get the best nail ideas for your next manicure. It will be so uncool to bring out dull-looking fingers when he pops the question.

For a formal outing, a dress with ruffles at the edges is a go-to.  Just ensure the outfit accentuates your beautiful physique and shows all the necessary curves. You don't want to look shabby, do you?

For an all-night clubbing, a super short dress revealing little skin will be a cool outfit to rock. The idea is to look good and fabulous for the night out. Whether on a mission to hitch a bloke or to get the crowd drooling, this is a killer look.

Shop the last outfit on Instagram from  Maureen Obi

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