8 Simple Natural Hairstyles to Create At Home - (Photos/Video)

The recent global outbreak of coronavirus has contributed to a lot of self-isolating, quarantine, and work-from-home for most workers across the globe. You know what that means? It also means that you can't easily step out to style your hair properly in a salon. We are all stuck in our homes, crankily working from the desk. So a lot of people are enjoying it, count me out! I love the feeling of applying fresh makeup every morning on face and stepping out of my house. Maybe because I seem to be more productive at the office (without eyeing the bed often) and stuff.

So now we are stuck, how do you intend to keep upping your hair game without creating a mess out of it? There are a lot of stylish ways you can pull off your natural hair without necessarily stepping foot in a salon. In this post are beautiful but simple ways to rock your natural hair without feeling bad about no salon to help until there's control over the pandemic.


Eco Style gel is one of the best natural hair products that naturalists use on a daily basis. With Eco- style gel, you simply push your natural hair backward or it can be parted two sideways while you apply the gel-like the pic below showed. Parting your hair into half shouldn't be a herculean task. A sharp-toothed comb will do the work perfectly fine. Before applying the gel, dampen your hair slightly with water. You should have a spray bottle for ease of application, while you place the gel and pull back until the required result is achieved.


This is another great way to rock your natural hair while at home. There are a lot of curl pudding products for natural hair. The one I use for my natural hair is Shea Moisture Curl Stretch Pudding. It is particularly great for 4c hair. To achieve this exact curls on a 4c hair is quite difficult because the curls won't pop like the pic below. This is advisable for 4a and 4b type of hair. But if you want to try this out on a 4c hair, then you might as well bear in mind that your curls won't pop exactly like this. Since it's a stay at home thing, you can try as much as possible to experiment with new styles with your kinks. Good luck with this one. 


I always say that one of the basic skills any naturalist would have is the ability to weave. How do you want to take care of your natural hair if you can't weave? It is a very important skill. With this skill, you can achieve this exact cornrows braids. However, if you still have Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA), then this is not for you. You simply have to style your natural hair by using Eco gel.


This is the most versatile and easiest way to wear your natural hair. If you are feeling lazy about styling your natural hair differently then this is a perfect style for you. A lot of naturalists do not bother to style every day, this is even great as it lessens hair manipulation. Just put your natural hair in a band and tighten it (not too tight to avoid hair loss) and you are good to go. You can equally lay your edges down to accentuate your face and look more sophisticated.


Loose twist-in is another cool way to protect your natural hair and keep it from breaking or shedding unnecessarily. With loose twist-in, you can achieve kinky curls on 4c hair. To twist in your natural hair, you simply wrap your hair around each other, from the root down to the tip. I normally use the LOC method whenever I'm twisting in. LOC simply means Liquid (water), Oil (castor or any oil of your choice) and Cream (you can use whipped butter of choice)


This is exactly the kind of curls that is obtainable with 4c natural hair. To achieve these curls, you have to twist in your natural hair using the LOC method like I mentioned above. The twist in will be medium in size for TWA. Or any size of your choice. It follows the same process of wrapping your hair with each other (twist like manner) in other to make it tight. The twists are unraveled after 2-3 days and styled as desired. You can use beads or pins like the one below to achieve this exact look.

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