6 Reasons Why Your Natural Hair Is Breaking

As far as natural hair is concerned, the biggest fear is always hair breakage. Hair breakage has different causes. Healthy hair depends on the inner cuticle with overlapping scales that keep your strands together. When these scales fall apart, your hair can get dry and eventually separate leading to damage.

According to research conducted on natural hair and reasons why they break, the known factors contributing to hair breakage are...

      Extreme stress can cause damage to the hair and a condition called telogen effluvium. This is a type of stress linked to hair damage. This type of stress makes your follicles go dormant, so hair that's in the middle of growth will eventually break out. Managing your stress level will go a long way to grow healthier hair.

      There's a popular saying that you are what you eat. A lot of women with natural hair are often caught between not eating the right food that is known to promote natural hair growth. Certain nutrients in food can make your hair grow while saving your hair a lot of damages. Food rich in iron, zinc and folic acid is known to help with reducing hair breakage.

   I noted earlier on this How to grow natural hair without a loss that dryness is one of your greatest enemies as far as natural hair is concerned. Always strive to moisturize your hair using the LOC method. Liquid (water), Oil and Cream. I do this often with PEPUS HAIR GROWTH PRODUCTS.

     Washing your hair only with conditioner is not enough. You must clarify using hair shampoo. If your ends are dry, consider concentrating the shampoo on your scalps too. And you must not skip conditioner, It is as important as using shampoo.

     For best results with your flat iron, hairdryer or curling iron, you need high heat. However, too much of heat tends to damage your hair cuticles from extreme temperatures. One great way to not heat damage your hair is to always take a break from all styling tools at least once a week. Let the hair breathe from all the heat being applied to it.

   There are millions of natural hair products in the market, each struggling for customers to patronize them with harsh chemicals in their products. If your hair is constantly breaking, then it's time you take a look at the products you are using for your natural hair. Products with sulfates and harsh alcohol dry hair than normal. Avoid using such products.

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  1. I think stressing my hair has been one of the main reasons for breakage. But I don't worry about that anymore, I'm rocking my low cut 😁😁😁. This info will come in handy if I decide to grow my hair again. Thanks for this.

    1. Really? I didn't know you trimmed your hair ooo. This girl sef🤣🤣

  2. Yes, I agree. Due to some recent stressful situations, my hair is not as manageable as it used to be. I'm embarking on damage control or bigchopping it to start all over again.

    1. That's cool. This time around, you will be careful not to allow stress to damage it. Rebuilding is a lot easier than building . Your hair will regrow just fine