Colorful Braided Hairstyles to Brighten Your Look After Covid-19 Is Over (Photos)

While we are still experiencing global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, many countries have shut down all economic and business activities pending when the nightmare will be over. Here in Lagos Nigeria, the lockdown started last week and it already feels like I have spent 1 year inside. It's really frustrating. This is a situation that is totally beyond our control, there's nothing we can do right now if not to abide by the social distancing rules and stay safe.

So while we all sit at home and pray for this pandemic to end soon, you should be thinking of the numerous hairstyles to try out once we all can visit salons again. A lot of women do not fancy colorful extensions when it comes to hair braiding. I am not a lot of Matter of fact, I recently tried making my braids for the first time and guess what? It turned out perfect. I collected all the numerous colored extensions I had, combined all together and boom! A beautiful braided hairstyle.

Been adventurous with your braids and hairstyles can be fun and exciting. Think about having purple, pink, white and probably green colored extensions for your braids. The outcome is always cool. If you have ever dreamt or wish to use multi-color for your braids, then you definitely aren't alone. Trying out different colors of extension (where you use just a single color) is not the same as combining all the colors at once.

In this post, there are about 12 different hairstyles with multiple colors for the braids. The colors range from the blue for Ghana braids, pink, purple and green. Go through the photos and save as much as you want for your next hair appointment. Remember, wash your hands regularly and stay safe.

Photo credit: African Hairstyles

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