How To Take Care Of Your Braids

It is well known that protective styling is the best way to stop manipulating your hair, a way of giving your hair the desired break from daily combing and harsh chemicals or weather. Learning how to take care of your braids will keep your hair healthy and also keep your braids looking neat for as long as possible. Before braiding your hair, it is advisable to wash your hair. I detailed out here how you can keep a simple hair wash routine. Wash and condition your hair so that it will stay strong.

Adhere to the following tips in other to take care of your braids.

SPRITZ: Due to the synthetic nature of extension and hairpieces used for braids, your scalp may always itch as a reaction to the same. Buy a spray that is specifically made for braids. This can also be used to add shine to your braids.

WASH REGULARLY: Wash your hair regularly when wearing braids. This will stop product build-up which causes hair to break when you take your braids out.

OIL YOUR SCALP: This is one of the best things to do to your scalp. Always oil your scalp when on braids. This can be done at least twice a week. This makes it easier to not have flake and dandruff on your scalp.

DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BRAIDS FOR TOO LONG: A lot of men are guilty of this. Carrying your braids for too long enable dirt to build up in hair. This is the reason why your hair breaks a lot when you take your braids out. The highest time to carry your braids is 2 months. Don't carry your braids longer than that.

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