How To Comb Your Natural Hair Without Pain or Breakage

There is a lot of information on the internet about how to care for your natural hair and sometimes, it gets all confusing. There are times that you should comb your natural hair and times you shouldn't.

If combing your natural hair is a lot more painful than it should be, then there are things that you are not doing very well. In this post, I will be sharing 5 tips on how to comb your natural hair without pain or breakage.

One thing you should note however is that natural hair should never be combed DRY... Also, combing your natural hair should not be an everyday thing. I mean, why do you keep manipulating the hair all time? Do you want to go bald? lol! Okay, that was a joke. But combing your natural hair every day is stressful and contributes to hair breakage. The only time to comb is when you have to!

What tools do you need?
A spray bottle and wide-toothed comb, like in the picture above. You will also need a conditioner (rinse out and/or leave-in conditioner).

1. Wet your hair in the shower and apply a rinse-out conditioner. Caring for your natural hair is easy when with the right products.

2. Use leave-in conditioner: When detangling your hair, you should keep it hydrated and moisturized as possible to prevent breakage. For best results, generously apply a leave-in conditioner to all of your hair. The conditioner is more of a lubricant, this makes it much easier for your hair to pass through the comb without breaking.

3. Apply natural hair oils to keep it hydrated and healthy. Natural oils like Olive oil, coconut oil, almond, neem oil are known to promote natural hair growth. The oil saturates the hair follicle which acts as a shield against breakage. Rub in a good-sized amount in your hands and apply starting from root to the tip. Do this until your hair is thoroughly saturated.

4. For major tangles, detangle with your fingers. Separating strands with your fingers is easy and not painful. Do this before combing with a wide-toothed comb. This is to avoid hair breakage.

5. Twist it braid in sections after combing.

Note that frequent combing of hair can be damaging to the hair and will reduce length retention. It is advisable to give the hair a break once in a while. If you are finding it difficult to allow the hair to breathe, kindly put it in protective styles!

Photo credit: Healthy Hair Studio!


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