Swollen Feet, Causes And Treatment

swollen feet

Swollen feet during pregnancy is caused by extra fluid in the body and the pressure from growing uterus. Although this is not harmful to your baby it can be quite uncomfortable. The swelling usually gets worse as a woman’s due date is near.

During Pregnancy, your body produces 50% more blood and bodily fluids most of which are created to meet the baby’s needs. These excess fluids also store up in tissues and joints which is necessary to allow the body to soften in other to prepare for birth.

Normal swelling up of feet is prevalent during the third trimester when standing for long periods and when excess caffeine or sodium is consumed. Water tends to gather in the lowest part of the body especially when the weather is hot. However, there are several reasons for abnormal swelling of feet during pregnancy. This is usually accompanied by symptoms such as swelling…  continue reading

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