Hips Dips and How to Minimize appearance


If your body goes in, out, in again and out, then you are familiar with Hips dips.

Hips dips are inward depression along the side of your body below the hip bone. It is also called Violin hips. Where the curved have indentations, like a dent on the body. These indentations might be slight or conspicuous. They are not abnormal albeit not common in all body types. Some people have it while others don’t and sometimes, they are quite subtle.

Hips dips appear as a result of NATURAL ANATOMY and it’s something you shouldn’t be ashamed of. Essentially because you don’t have control over how your body was formed. There are a couple of exercises that are used to minimize the appearance of hip dips. There are certain misconceptions about hips dips, these center on the following questions…

ARE HIPS DIPS GOOD OR BAD?   find out more abouy this

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