25 Beautiful Braided Hairstyles You Should Try Out Before 2020 Ends... (Photos)

Hair-lo beautiful you!

So the year is coming to an end already and here I am, wondering how many cute, crazy, and decent braided hairstyles that I have tried so far. With what I have in my records, I have rocked more braids than I anticipated at the beginning of the year even though coronavirus did us shege this year. But baby girl still took care of her hair. What about you? Don't tell me you haven't tried up to 10 different braided hairstyles already. Why are you dulling now? lol

I am here to help you out in your dilemma on what braided hairstyle to opt for before the year runs out. I know it isn't a competition but babe, you should glam up. Life is too short and has got not duplicate, so why waste it looking dull?

GHANA BRAIDS: Have you tried out these beautiful ghana braided hairstyles that we talked about in this blog post? There are so many beautiful ghana braided styles that are currently trending in this 2020. Check out that blog post for insight on which style to opt for.

CORNROWS BRAIDS: with cornrows braids, stylists are bringing out more creative ways to wear this hairstyle and you know what? You can never go wrong with cornrows braids. These braids come in sophisticated patterns that you can't afford to try them. There are also different ways to wear these braided hairstyles ranging from side bangs, ponytail, and all back. You have to pick the style that suits your face perfectly well and booooooooom! You are fire.

KNOTLESS BRAIDS: I made a post here on this trendy hairstyle. Women of all ages are currently rocking this hairstyle because of how super easy it is to make and the sleekness of the hair. If you haven't tried out this hairstyle, then it's appropriate to say you are not on the moving train. Join other women of color to rock this breathtaking hairstyle before the year runs out.

SHORT BOX BRAIDS: Short box braids are for women who do not have the patience to sit out their bums, trying to make long braids. I have accepted the fact that not everybody has the strength and time to make long braids, so it's absolutely okay if you are on this table. Short box braids are an easy hairstyle and a -go-to style on days when you're not in the mood for those long braids.

FAUX LOCS: Oh my! I just love this particular braids and this is going to be my next braids. Last year was faux loc braids year for me, I faux loc'd my hair more than 4 times. I love the sassiness that comes with the style, more so, this is a braided hairstyle that can last for months. So if you are tired of messy extensions and/or having your natural hair pop out a few days after making your braids, faux locs are definitely calling your name.

TWO PARTED CORNROWS/GHANA BRAIDS: Just like I mentioned above, cornrows are a girl's way out on lazy days that you just want to put out your natural hair in a protective style to avoid unnecessary manipulations. 

BOX BRAIDS: A cool way to rock box braids is by mixing and/or combining different colored hair extensions. It will make the braids to be more attractively charming. Talk about everyone turning to stare at you when you enter a room just because those colors are too loud, pronounced to ignore.

BANTU KNOT BRAIDS: These braids are more likely to suit an oval face. Bantu Knots are a girl's favorite way of saying "NO' to hair manipulation.  This is a hairstyle you definitely want to rock before the year ends.

Other beautiful braided hairstyles you should try out before this year runs out are shown below. Kindly drop a comment on your favorite hairstyle in this article, you can comment by using the number that best fit in the position of the braids. Share the blog's link with your girlfriends and sisters.


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